Xbox 360 VS


It’s pretty much brand new, just barely got this. Only open to test. The reason I’m selling this is because I need the money to go to LA. Selling for 140obo plus shipping.

If interested please PM me here!


Any idea how shipping will be to toronto? M9W 2c6?


I’ve never shipped to Canada. I’m not really sure, if there is a service you want me to use. I can do that.


just usps.


Yea I think it’s going to cost alot to ship to Canada, I think.


Shipping to Canada isn’t to bad. I ship there all the time :). Just need to use USPS so they aren’t hit with extra fees.


Do you know more or less how much it would cost? I don’t mind shipping to Canada, that’s up to the buyer though.


Go to the usps website amd input what the to and Fromm postal codes along with a guestimated weight


Yea it doesn’t show the postal codes codes shipping to Canada. I don’t see a price using my own box.


What are the boxes dimensions and how much would u say the whole thing weighs


I’m not sure, I’ll have to find a scale a weigh it. Anyone else interested?


VS Pending.