XBox 360 Wireless controller on PC - "sticky/lag" issues

Has anyone else experienced issues with the XBox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for PC/Windows ( I recently purchasing one, and I am having some issues with MAME. In multiple versions of MAME (MAME, MAME32, MAME32fx, MAMEPP, etc.), the wireless controller seems to have an odd “sticky” effect when using the d-pad.

For example, when playing SF Alpha 3, I cannot pull off Akuma’s Raging Demon. When I press 1, 1, F, 4, 3, I end up getting his F + 4 attack (the overhead chop). I have tried slowing down the movement, but nothing fixes the issues. This does not fix the issue because the slower input command does not execute the move. Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to fix this, or is this an issue with the fact that d-pad acts as a HUD when using the MS drivers?

i havent used MAME with the wireless receiver but i have used it for FBA using my wireles xbox360 arcade stick.

i haven’t experienced the issues you’re having - but there are a few options.

1 ) try using the XBCD community drivers (i use these for regular xbox controls and for the HORI EX2)

2 ) get this program called XPADDER. it’s a mapping program. let’s you map joy stick input to keyboard keys. i have used it to map my wireless pad for usage in games - such as American McGee’s Alice. Worms Armageddon. etc.

this one is probably your easier option without using different drivers. it might be a little intimidating at first but you’ll pick it up quick and love it. i’ve gotten a few friends who have HDPC setups to buy the wireless receiver just to use xpadder. it’s awesone. let me know what works for you.