Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers for DOA4

Look EVO Staff I have tried my hardest to play on this damn stick, and on a wired pad both are cheap and trash, and I have tried just about every fucking pad out there.

Can we work something out so I can use my pad?

I am willing to pay extra just so I can use my own controller in the tournament because I simply cannot use anything else so please whatever I will pay extra just so I can use my controller.

So, your saying the Xbox 360 wired pad is trash but the wireless one isnt?

yeah this post makes no sense. wired pads and wireless pads are exactly the same except for the battery pack. the dpad, analog, and buttons are still exactly the same. in a place where there will be many nintendo ds’ playing in tourneys. using wireless controllers would be stupid. the interference would be ridiculous to where your game could possibly be unplayable. even moreso if the other doa players also used wireless controllers. your commands could actually trigger other players games and vice versa or just not respond at all. it does happen. wireless is just too problematic.

besides wouldnt you rather play on a pad that is 100% accurate? i would think any fighting game player would

Well from what it sounds like, he did some extensive testing. Since i’ve had my 360 at launch i’ve never had any problems with interference. Not saying it can’t happen, just saying i’ve never had any trouble. Could it be that the wirless and wired use slightly different parts?

you may not have interference at your house, which has very few sources to cause interference. now put it in a huge ballroom with atleast a dozen other 360’s all using wireless, plus some wireless laptops using internet, 8365873657837586 ds’s using their wifi feature to play mario kart, speakers, mics, 9387587935873 tv’s, 38658358734 cell phones. that is a little more interference sources than what you would get in your house. i dunno bout you, but i wouldnt wanna lose if for some reason my kick didnt work cuz of random interference.

hell, at fry electronics and walmarts, there were problems with the wireless controllers CAUSING interference to other things in the stores like scanners and such.

bottom line is its silly to allow em at such a huge event. ive used both controllers and have seen the insides, the face is exactly the same, the controls feel the same, everything is the same except the little extra weight in the back

Interesting Sabre, people have been saying that the wired and wireless d-pad is very different, is there a 2nd release or something?

But for anyone new to the conversation, according to every source imaginable (including Microsoft), wireless is a bad idea, obviously you can’t just allow one person to use wireless, so that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Since SRK players know all about getting used to non-optimal controls, i’m not sure how much sympathy there will be from this group.


The wireless controller becomes a wired if you unplug the battery and use the plug in play kit.

SaBRe I think its sad how you can’t tell the DPad difference between a Wired and a Wireless.

Heres the easiest test I can think of:

  1. Go into sparring mode on DOA4 with a Wired controller

  2. Perform the 44, 88, 66, 22 Test 5 times by lightly tapping the dpad in those directions. Now tell me out of those 5 times how many times did each direction register properly. I will tell you it will be 2:5, 3:5 Ratio everytime.

  3. Plug in the Wireless controller and do the same thing
    This time you will have a Ratio of 4:5, 5:5 everytime for the directional presses.

Why is it because the Wireless Dpad is looser? No

The Wired Dpad is set on a off axis that cannot be fixed because the way the controller was built.

Wired Pads are positioned in a slanted up position making the DPad harder to improperly be hit correctly since it is too far away from the keys inside the controller below the Dpad and your thumb is slanted on a slope having to rise up just to touch the DPad and not being able to properly rest on the controller.

Wireless Pads are positioned correctly in a balanced position where everything is on the same level and no “positioning” of the hand is required to use the controller, and the DPad isn’t high up as the wired controllers dpad so all commands go will go through.

Fixes for the Wired DPAD that are rumored and do not work whatsoever:

  1. Replacing the Dpad with the Xbox DPad.

  2. Breaking the Pad in.

  3. Loosening the Pad from within.

  4. Replacing the DPad changes nothing it just produces a placebo effect to people thinking that its different so they feel and believe that it works.

  5. Breaking the Pad in does not work for the Dpad is still majorly inconsistent in the button presses. A Dpad can only be broken in so much when the problem is still internal, and you cannot become accustomed or “used” to inconsistency.

  6. This does not work because even if you loosen the pad (Which I have done) it becomes way too loose, and its still inconsistent in its presses.

Wireless Xbox360 Controllers will not be disrupted by anything that is wireless and will not disrupt any Nintendo DS software.

Xbox360’s do not register to multiple 360s at one time they register to the one they are plugged into (via plug in playkit)

Xbox 360’s will not be disrupted by any outside interference unless the wireless button (the small white button on the 360) is pressed and then a wireless controller connects to it because the wireless controller has to gain the 360 permission (by pressing the button) in order for it to be used.

Also Microsoft Products only work with Microsoft Products.

So that means I could bring a Microsoft Remote and point it at the 360 and it would disrupt it and bring up the Xbox Guide window.

The Wireless controller doesn’t work like how you all think most of you are just assuming too much and haven’t done any testing at all.

PL if you want to comment on the d-pad on wired vs wireless with sabre feel free, but i’m really tired of cutting and pasting the same responses to 10 different threads everytime you feel like whining about noone knowing how wireless technology works, especially to someone i’ve also explained it to on aim, on doacentral, the only thing I haven’t done yet is go to your house and beat it into you.

Please do not comment on how the wireless controller works, what happens with the play and charge kit, or interference, as you are wrong.

Yea ok. =\

I’m wrong when you are the one who still has yet to even test it.

I am the one who is right you are again just making assumption as just “what might happen.”

PL made a pretty good argument there tho FMJ. Most of the issue is because people are “ASSUMING” these things will occur.

The solution is plain as day. Its called the Plug n Play Kit. The controllers are designed differently, so if people want to use wireless…make it mandotory to bring the kit. Problem solved

I cant even begin to believe how this discussion escalated to this level.


PS: lol and if u dont like that, Plan B: Evo Staff supplies wireless controllers with Plug’n’play kit. (Players can only bring the Stick) That way, when matches are over…nobody takes a controller with them. So there will be no cases of someone running around trying to hit the guide button.

Problem solved AGAIN!

(and dont tell me EVO staff cant afford to get 1 extra controller with each system plus the plug n play kit)

Uh, “no wireless controllers” is not about EVO making some arbitrary decision or trying to save money or whatever. The policy (as has been explained many times, very clearly) is because wireless controllers are very likely to create problems for you, the player. Despite the testing you have done in your backyard or wherever, this is a problem that Microsoft itself acknowledges, so it’s not like anyone is making stuff up to make your life difficult.

Things to worry about:

–random interference (lots of wireless signals all through the hotel)
–MarioKart interference
–interference from other wireless controllers

If you do get “interfered with” and a random move comes out at a tense moment, there is absolutely no way to prove the interference since many of the causes will be semi-random. The “no wireless controllers” is designed to protect YOU, the player–EVO has no interest in it, apart from wanting people to be able to perform at their best.

That said, we’ve talked it over, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s your funeral. So, officially, you’re allowed to bring your wireless controller and play on it. What you are not allowed to do is to restart any matches or claim controller issues of any kind if you are playing on a wireless controller. This means if someone else walks by with a wireless controller and accidentally hits start, and this causes your game to pause, you lose. We have NO WAY to control this, so by playing on a wireless controller, this is the kind of thing you are risking.

Of course you are free to switch controllers between matches if there is a problem, but during a match there is no way we can allow wireless players to make a complaint, since any number of crazy things might have caused the issue. If you can live with this, go ahead and play. I hope you’re right about interference not being an issue, but we STRONGLY ADVISE against using a wireless controller. Anyone who chooses to do so does so entirely at their own risk.

I’ve never heard of a competitive player that would take a needless gamble like that, but if you are willing to make this nutty sacrifice, I’m inclined to let you roll the dice.


Is it more of a sacrifice to chance:

  1. Random interference between wireless pads that is not guaranteed to happen, when we had no such interference at ECC and it has never come up yet, even at WCG where they arguably have a bajillion 360s running at once;


  1. A 100% guarantee to miss moves during tournament play because the wired controller was not designed as well as the wireless, and NOBODY has been listening to the top DOA players in the country about the issue?

I think the answer speaks for itself. Hurray, again, to EVO staff for listening to my argument in another thread, and allowing wireless controllers at EVO. This takes the blame and responsibility completely off your shoulders…it’s a no-brainer.

just to let everyone know. Even with the plug and play kit plugged in and the battery taken out, the controller STILL FUNCTIONS AS WIRELESS. You can test this by plugging your wireless controlelr with the plug and play kit into the usb port on your pc. hit the guide button and watch your 360 turn on

Thats Why you unplug the damn battery from the controller.

read my post again. Even if you unplug the battery, it send out a wireless signal and will turn on your 360 WITHOUT THE BATTERY.

No it doesn’t only if the plug and play kit is PLUGGED IN THE 360!

LOL did you even bother to test what i posted. ok, 1 more time.

1)Take your wireless controller and remove the battery
2)Take your play and charge kit and plug into your wirless controller
3)Plug your wireless controller with the play and charge kit into your pc via USB port
4)Press the guide button and watch your 360 turn on.
5)play your favorite 360 game with your wireless controller missing the battery and plugged into your pc!!

So it’s kind of obvious now that even though the controller is plugged into your 360 or your pc, it does **NOT **act like a WIRED CONTROLLER, it’s still functions at a WIRELESS CONTROLLER meaning it’s still giving off a signal. The only thing the play and charge kit is doing, is providing a power supply to the controller.

I already know about this but who in there right mind at a Tournament is going to let someone plug their controller into a PC knowing what would happen?

Caliagent, PL knows this, and cole should know this if he’s literate, since i showed PL the exact scenario you described over AIM as well, pointed him to the manual, etc… etc… . The gameplan was obviously just to ignore everyone and post the same lies over again and get someone to cave in. I refuse to believe they are that dumb, so i have to just believe it’s intentional.

It’s not even that it was allowed, it’s the sheer idea of posting outright lies, wasting the time of the people who did honestly research the issue and try to explain it over 4 forums, aim, at all hours of the day and night, thinking that PL was just an honest gamer trying to understand the issue. If your going to argue do it like a man and just say you want to use your damn pad and your going to whine until you get it.

If thats how business is done, then so be it. gj and gl at evo.