Xbox 360 wireless headsets

I was just wondering if the microsoft wireless headsets for the xbox 360 connect directly to the console or to the controller? The reason I am asking is because I plan to buy a custom joystick and would like to know if I will still be able to chat on it.


console. You can use a wired controller and a wireless headset no problem. I use my wireless headset with all of my wired sticks, including a TE

thank you!

only thing though is when i got my first custom stick it had a mic jack installed but this made it appear as though i had a mic whenever i played…also i couldnt use my wireless headset…i actually had to open the stick and unplug the mic port…i would just use the wireless headset.

I almost bought a wireless headset but ended up just using my sticks’ wired mic ports. I already owned wired mics. Plus dicking with charging the headset would be annoying.