Xbox 360 won't recognize HRAP VX-SA. Help!


Okay. My 360 VX-SA w/ ChImpSMD dual-mod is being hella weird.

When I plug it into my 360 the ChImp’s green and blue lights turn on, but other than the home button flashing for half a second than going away, the system won’t recognize that it’s plugged in. :confused:

I plugged it into my computer, and everything worked. I also tried switching the A-B USB cable with a working stick, but mine still won’t work on my system.

Weirdest thing is that I was just using it at a friend’s house in his 360 yesterday and it was working perfectly. All I did afterwards was bring it home and haven’t used it since. Didn’t drop it or anything like that.

Anyone have any idea? I’m completely stumped.


I just found the Home button wire came loose from under the 360 pcb. I’ll solder it back on tomorrow and see if that fixes it.