XBox 720 To Ban Used Games?

The one piece of software I always wish I could get was this amazing editing software called Writer’s workshop that for some reason the community college for my city had but not the University; that thing would check for ambiguous sentences, run ons, you name it, it would look for it. I wish I could get a hold of it; it was sooo godlike.

That’s one thing the piece of shit console doesn’t do for half the price: everything else. It plays games but it kinda sucks ass at streaming and if I put a blu-ray drive on the comptuer, you won’t need the PS3 for it.


Oh yeah, modular power supplies have to be one of the best things ever. Fuck you cable clutter, fuck you sideways.

I may upgrade my gpu sometime in the future. I may upgrade my ram sometime in the future. The best part is, its my choice and I can do it whenever I feel the need and nothing will be voided or breaking some terms of service.

The cool thing about owning an expensive, custom-made rig is that you can just pirate everything if you don’t give a fuck like me. If the game doesn’t need a unique CD-key to be played online, I pirate it. At least, I used to, when my PC could actually run new games. I can’t play any new games these days, and am left hoping the system requirements for Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 are crazy low. There’s also Steam, where games are cheap as hell. The same game on console would probably be like 4X the price.

1GB of RAM, 3GHZ Processor, 128MB video card is ass these days. I thought I was hot shit in 2004 for being able to play Half-Life 2 at full settings and Doom 3 at almost full settings. I only game on consoles and handhelds almost exclusively because I can’t afford to build a new PC. I might buy a 256 or 512 video card off my cousin for cheap though, that would allow me to play a lot of games I missed out on plus it would guarantee me being able to play Torchlight and D3(hopefully.)

Try torrenting it.

The rich get richer

The dumb get dumber.

I have never been rich. I will probably never be rich. If I can, I will spend money on something that does more for both my girlfriend’s job and mine. When we had to invest money on a new computer, she asked me about the fancy ones and all that other shit and I told her that the 400 dollar one that’s there to do office work was all we needed. For most people that is honestly all they need. Since fall 09 that computer has been running strong.

What is being discussed here is completely different. Had you any chance at having a brain, you’d understand that the way I implied money could be budgeted for a gaming computer would take into consideration the fact that a lot of work is done with one. As such investing in a gaming computer means that you also have a really good office computer. Similarly you end up with a great multimedia center too. So while the money would be higher than a console, you get significantly more functionality out of your money.

Either way spending extra money for your computer to be a current gaming rig would be money spent out of your hobby budget. If you made this your hobby you know what the price is regardless of your income. It is the people who want to have dedicated multiple hobbies that are really going to complain about the money for one because it is a financial drain to try and sustain more than one hobby to the fullest.

playing, what was it, clocking? lol

I figured building one would be cheaper. Depending on how the next consoles are I may jump to pc.

They’re not cheaper if you’re buying on brand new, but then again, look how much the PS3 cost at launch…

The whole point is that once you have a solid PC, the only things you would need to upgrade for YEARS should be your video card, and even then if you buy at the right time, it will last the length of a console, if not longer. And when you upgrade, it will definitely cost less than a new console, and you can STILL DO MORE ON A PC THAN A CONSOLE!

anywho, thought this was interesting, considering the context:

Yup, Ubisoft fucked up their DRM, so no Ubisoft games will be working while they work on their servers. I bet you no pirates will have to worry about not being able to play their games…

Pirates win again!

If you get a PC, via pirating + Steam sales. You will end up spending less in the long run for not buying console games once a month.

200 bucks console + 12 games for a year at 60 bucks a pop = 920 bucks.

I’ve spend maybe 50 bucks for 15 games on Steam.

Digital copy > Physical copy

That’s where the money differs. by chance? And I’ve had my i5 750? I think it is for about two years with a Raideon HD 6850. Runs pretty well for me.

Nah. I buy at a local store.

Xbox 760 won’t used pre-owned games? Looks like this thing’s sales are going to go down the fucking shitter. PS4 and Wii U will sell better this generation as well. :slight_smile:

…Like never sell any XBOX 720 games ever? LOL

wouldnt shock me if they did it, if microsoft really did this no resale crap. they’d notice a serious sale drop due to people not having the freedom to do a 7 day return.

Sony actually tried to do this with the PS3 but it did not get implemented, I do not remember the exact reasons why.

I mustve hit a nerve
Drawing is my hobby now
Poaching pens and paper.

“The price of hobbies are regardless of income” hahaa

If 720 is doing it, it’s VERY likely it would be due to developer demand. I dont see them convincing just one of the console makers to follow along with this. If 720 does this, you can bet on Sony doing it.