XBox 720 To Ban Used Games?

Never bought a sound card in my life. I’ve got a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 in my rig with an i5 2500 hooked up to some Logitech desktop speakers, never had any sound issues. Mind schooling me on what I’ve been missing? I’m not using it as a full media rig so I don’t need 5.1 sound on it, is there really that big a difference these days?

Cus unlike Microsoft, Sony didn’t want to piss off their customers.

On-board audio used to be absolute ASS, like the biggest pile of shit ever so I can see where he’s coming from. New motherboards have digital audio out for the most part so a sound card isn’t anywhere near as important, the quality of the chips has also substantially gone up and produce much better sound in general. You really only need a dedicated sound card if you have an audio system (either headphones or speakers) that would benefit from having high end equipment to begin with (aka nothing advertised as “gaming” or logitech, turtle beach, etc. but actual quality equipment). In such cases people would probably have a receiver, or some DAC/Headphone amp of sorts if they need more power to drive them properly.

Logitech speakers are junk, that’s one thing that has never changed and will never change :rofl: . Some entry level 2.0 speakers (actual speakers, monitors, etc) in the $100-120 range will sound MUCH better while providing a lot more accuracy where it matters. Add a subwoofer (probably another buck) to handle the bass and you’re set. Thing is once you go beyond entry level, good audio equipment is VERY expensive (though things like receivers are things that can be used over and over if they’re good), and when you get to hardcore audiophile level (please don’t ever let it get this far!) you’ll be paying a few hundred on CABLES alone. Crazy ass mofos. >:(

Truth is, if it doesn’t bother you then it’s best not to worry about it. Though you should do yourself a favor and go listen to some quality headphones in your local music store (if you have access to one). If the guys know what they’re doing and have it set up correctly, it really will sound a lot better.

Oh yeah and people that have multiple headphones to listen to different genres make me sad.

You can live with onboard audio for a long time…on board video on the other hands screw that!

dude, where did you get that Iron Man pic? :wow: That’s the Proton Cannon right thur.


You can play most modern stuff on that with about $100 in it 2 more GB RAM, and something like a HD 5670.

Next gen consoles are going to have to have something GREAT to not just go with PC’s as it is, especially for the price they will have to sell at. Right now it’s the fact enough games dont come out of PC that I need(where is Forza?), and the online experience.

Online experience? Console will never catch up to PC in terms of online experience.

Fuck an online experience.

Don’t really have a need for anything too fancy myself, but it’s something I’ll look into if I decide to make a dedicated system for media, thanks.

haha the plot thickens… just a tiny bit.

it seems like only MS will have the ability to shut this stupidity down. On that note, they will also need to fix other issues too. Today I found out how much Microsoft charges you to patch a game. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER PATCH

Interview is about something else, but he basically points out that $40,000 just PER PATCH is fucking over a ton of games, such as indie titles and fighting games.

Explain to me again why I am paying for Xbox Live, and yet they’re still trying to jew every other mother fucker involved? Shouldn’t my 70+ a year be going towards the network infrastructure, so that you DO NOT need to be charging developers 40K a patch?

Especially considering most games these days require day 0 patches

Then walk backwards.

profound sadness!!

dauym… maybe I will just play MAME… shyyt
Super nintendo n stuff

Do mame titles differ from the cartridge a lot?

Mid-90s: Go to your friend’s house and enjoy playing SNES together.
2020: Go to your friend’s house and get arrested for sharing a game.

Let XBOX go extinct, it’s an inferior gaming device next to the PC anyway.

Also Unix >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Windows.

Stop feeding Microsoft for abusing you and maybe they might back off a little.

This reminds me of AT&T back in the day and the bs they pulled when they had a monopoly.

Speaking of which, National Grid be pulling some real stupid **** too in areas it dominates, can’t wait for them to get what they deserve.

Stop allowing the organizations to abuse you. They only understand money, so stop feeding them.

Glorious pc master race yet again. :lol:

Sorry just had to say it. And yeah if it’s on pc I’ll get that version first. Even did that with Unreal Tournament 3 in 2007 I believe it was. Honestly I just go for the platform it looks/plays best on. Which is usually pc if there is a pc version.