XBOX being blamed for pulmonary embolism death

Check out the awesome wording.

Bans on video games coming soon?

If so, this is fabricated

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Video game isn’t the cause, as the article points out the condition can happen to people under certain circumstances

video games isnt the cause, but the article is clearly trying to vilify games as silent killers, or some shit. just like they get blamed for parent’s shortcomings.

Nigga is a grown ass man… if I’m going to be sitting anywhere for twelve hours straight(different article said he sat stationary in one position that long playing games iirc) imma be making money…

Video games get blamed for everything, but personal responsibility is more than likely more of a factor than video games are and will ever be…

this is bullshit, if he just sat around watching movies for 12 hours and died no one would have said anything about tv.

as if people care about making sense and solving problems

X-Box used as a scapegoat for bad parenting? Sounds like daddy is feeling guilt issues if he’s looking to blame the x-box. You can’t be that great of a parent letting your kid veg out for 12 hours straight. That’s a loooong time.

Obesity + Gaming = Vicious cycle

Simple solution is to just lose the fat, or quit gaming (or just don’t play that damn much). One cause can help the other.

contrary to popular belief, gaming is actually pretty fucking exhausting

not saying everything is DDR or anything, but it takes some endurance. tourney goers should know what I’m talking about

Twelve hours is a LONG time. Just what exactly are the parents doing? Never mind the game, what kind of of parent lets their child do anything for twelve hours straight? I think the bigger issue here is neglect. Don’t blame the game system for his death, you reap what you sow.

Fuck man, this kid is retarded. He got “Sucked into playing Halo”. Halo? Really? Really? Really? Damn.

I don’t blame him. It’s double XP weekend for Black Ops right now. Can’t pass that shit up.

if video games get banned, better ban sleeping cuz I do that shit far longer than gaming, and you can get bed clots from that too… why you think they have people reposition bed ridden patients in hospitals?

lol… maybe you should reread that article

nevermind that, who buys into the myth that parents are in their kid’s shit 24/7?
edit: sorry lemme rephrase. good parents

I generally tune out when I see the words Death and insert console or game. To me those people truely are foolish.

Oh shit. 50k stream Monsters are gonna die this weekend!!!

Yea. His own fault

A activity being ‘exhausting’ doesn’t mean anything. Eating a entire large pizza by yourself would be ‘exhausting’ and so would drinking 10 bottles of beer in a night.

I’m not saying gaming is bad. But it’s bad when it’s taken to the extreme, and that’s exactly what this idiot did. His health condition was result of him being a fatass and leading a unhealthy lifestyle, which was perpetuated by the fact that he was playing video games 12 hours a day. I’m just pointing out the simple truths.

^ just… ugh. I suggest you look up the word truth in the dictionary sometime. im done, sorry