Xbox Bluetooth


I have been using a custom arcade stick for my SF related gaming, but as time goes by and the needs of the community I am setting up are getting to a point where I need to speak to fellow party members on XBL, I would like to ask the following:

Would the Xbox Bluetooth work while I got the stick on? Reason I am asking is that it is slightly overprices here and I am on a tight budget, so I wanna be 100% sure before I get it.

Thank you in advance,

If this is the wrong board to make such a topic, I apologise beforehand.

Xbox don’t support bluetooth. Xbox 360 have their own propitiatory wireless for controllers and head sets. Do you mean a wireless Xbox 360 head set?

And if the head set works, it works regardless of what controller being used.

I’m pretty sure Cypher talks about this -->

We share the same problem,we have custom made sticks and we can’t communicate while having matches online.This is kinda our last and only hope to be able to chat.That’s why we ask you guys before we make any quick decisions.Thanks in advance ^^

Yah, sorry, been calling it a bluetooth due to its size. What I meant was the wireless headset :slight_smile:

Wireless headset is independent of the controller. The head set connects directly to the Xbox 360 with out the need for a head set port on the controller.
Making controller compatibility with wireless headsets a moot point.

Not entirely true, I do have ONE stick that isn’t compatible, but most people on this board won’t have it. the Otomedius Hyper Stick Pro has a tendency to fight with the 360, telling it that it always has a headset connected, when you try and change the wireless headset to the same player number, the headset will never connect and your party members will hear nothing.

either that or mod a stick using an 3rd party common ground xbox pad and mounting a 2.5mm jack on the outside for a headset to fit in

i know that retail sticks have them mounted on the xbox