Xbox Cfj Region Free Relased

Apparently SF:AE (japanese version) is also region free (only on xbox version).

So CFJ fans in America can finally play it at home without mods!


there are cfj fans?

I’ve been playing it and the online is really good. Be warned if you’re a MAS stick user you have to reconfigure the buttons, (I have the basic eight button set up, four buttons on top and four on the bottom, a PS2 stick with a cable that allows me to use for XBox actually) so before you jump online play around and make sure the controls are right.

Heh, the best news about this game is what it says in the booklet;

If you are an Bbox Live subscriber, you can also download the very latest content (such as new characters, moves, stages and more) to your Xbox console. Plus, only in Xbox Live are Pyron and Shin Akuma available from the start!”

Lol, first thing I did was unlock Shin Akuma and Pyron in arcade mode, heh, heh. I wonder if new characters just means “Orange Ryu” or some crap like that. :rofl: Well, it does allow one to dream.

Team Xbox’s review of the game said there was a Gallery Mode that featured endings, drawings and stuff. I don’t see it. Perhaps you unlock that when you beat the game with every character or something. No mention of Gallery Mode in the book it comes with.

My Gamertag is SRKSANO. Hope to have some fun matches with you guys!

No, but at least those of us who were considering picking it up can get a version w/ decent box art.

-edit- How is the online play compared to 3s/Hyper/CvS2/SvC/GGXXR/ETC

Didn’t the US release just come out today anyway? Or are CFJ and CFE not the same thing?

CFJ, Capcom Fighting Jam’s the Japanese name, CFE, Capcom Fighting Evolution is the American Game. The Japanese version comes out tommorow. The US version came out today, some stores like EB and Gamestop don’t have it 'cuz they suck.

The US version of the CFE for the Xbox has the Japanese Art on the cover of the booklet it comes with and on the disc. Unless you can read Japanese, save your money and get the domestic, unless you’re a box art fan.

I’m a new Xbox Live user, I haven’t played that much online and the only online fighters I’ve played are SVC Chaos and GG X Reload and very briefly so I’m the wrong person to ask. For SVC Chaos the game play was really smooth, for GGXXR I’ve experiences slow down. In CFE I experienced slowdown but it was usually after the first couple of matches with the same person. The system is set up to find you the best people for you to have matches with, if the connections are bad the match isn’t going to happen in the first place, at least in overall theory. The slowdown I’ve experienced didn’t get in the way of gameplay much, you couldn’t execute a move while things were ‘frozen’ like I got away with GGXXR. But I am NOT an online expert, haven’t played much online with any of these games, I can just tell you my personal experiences and that’s it…

There are some REALLY GOOD online players even this early, you certainly won’t be bored. However sometimes you have to wait an extra bit to find a match since some people didn’t get this game EB’s getting it tommorrow, Gamestop is saying 6/19 proving that they both suck… go to a local store and if you live in NYC, go to J&L Game Trading Inc. in Chinatown on 28th Elizabeth Street, they got a bunch of them.

I prefer the US art.

Ryu looks like a lego in the JPN one.

Scan of the the booklet cover of Xbox’s CFE in the US.

Scan of the disc.

good lord, good job again capcom for letting shin akuma and pyron be playable on live. god capcom has a bunch of dumbasses. you know whats gonna be sad, that tournament capcom is having on live, im sure, is gonna allow those characters too. great! =/

They should have used that for the cover but oh well, I’m not that anal.

40$ seems a little steep I’m gonna try to find some garbage to trade in to my local EB. The one I live at actually takes music cd’s :xeye: and gives you a decent amount for them.

I like how Ryu has Kyo’s face all of a sudden except for the eyebrows.

Then again, Shinkiro’s faces all kind of look like George Clooney…

damn it looks much nicer than the ps2 version. im still wondering whether i should sell my ps2 copy and buy this.

i have a feeling to just say fuck it and keep playing 3s.

sabre, theres a thread about this in the cfe online section. Theres a choice to turn bosses on or off when you host.

Graphics wise it looks a lot better than the PS2 version, but that’s the case with all 2D Fighters on the Xbox. Colors are more vibrant and stuff.

When you beat the game there’s a hell of a lot more credits in the ending then the PS2 version. They really worked on the online play and it shows once you experience it.

well, looks like they had some brains after all heh

from the sound of it, they just loaded up their same network setup from cvs2/sfac but with an auto login feature.

well, theres always snk to look forward to over giving a shit. sad thing is ill probably end up buying this game sometime this week, for the second time heh.

Capcom really could turn this into the revolution of 2D fighters by releasing new characters under each game category over the years. If they were to do that, they wouldn’t need to make a sequel, and they could use online voting for which characters to add which would increase interest and sales too.

Of course, Capcom’s not that smart. And they’d never introduce more All Stars characters because they’d be too lazy to draw any new sprites.

what about the lag isues ?

anyone ?

It plays good so far, no laggy games yet.

I wonder if EB or Gamestop will get this today. No one I called yesterday had it.