Xbox common ground

just looking for abit of help. i’m looking for a 360 pad with a CG here in the uk but how do you tell.
I got a saturn pad mod almost done and a aracade stick (well box buttons and stick) just need the pads to bring them to life:cybot:

Get a multimeter and do a continuty test amongst the grounds.

check I don’t know if the PAL versions are identical but its a start.

Any advice for purchasing a wireless controller in the hope that it’s common ground? Are there any packaging tips to look for? I’m assuming most of the newer wireless controllers are common ground, right?

Right. Buy your controller from somewhere which sells a high volume of them (depending on which country your in walmart, ebgames/gamestop. gamestation, etc.)

I just ordered 2 black wireless controllers from (on sale for $32). I’ll let you know if they are common ground.

Walmart has the wireless dragon controller which is $10 more (comes with a headset) but is pretty much guaranteed to be common.

Your other option would be to go to somewhere which sells used controllers (ebgames/gamestop/gamestation), have them pull a few out for you to look at. Take out the battery pack and look at the circuit board at the bottom (theres a gap which you can see it through). If you see a lot of green on the left side with no white squares its not common. If you see a bunch of white squares and white text on the left side then its common.

Here’s a photo on how to tell from the battery bay, (photo courtesy of RDC and all of his great work):

Don’t you have that the wrong way around? Old matrix = noncommon, new CG = Common Ground (hence “CG”)

Whoops, I did get it backwards. :sweat: My mistake.

I bought one a month or two ago from Gamestation here in the UK (wired). It was a common ground pad and was the exact diagram that is on Slagcoin. Im pretty sure if you get one over here then you should be able to tell the difference between the diagrams to distinguish if it is common ground or not. The positioning of a few components are in different places and quite noticeable. has cheap 2nd hand 360 controllers esp madcatz ones. I’m sure they will let you have a look at one or two to confirm if they’re CG before you buy one…

The Madcatz Arcade Gamestick is common ground. Game were flogging them for under a fiver a couple of months back, but seems most stores have now sold out.

Alternatively, think the Madcatz pad (can get from Argos) is also common ground.

so if its common ground you only have to solder to one ground and then daisy chain it to all your buttons?

yep, less wires!