=[ xbox controller dead?

i have wired controler microsoft 360, it was working fine today.
now i dunoe what happend =[

i got my wired custom stik + TE stick plugged in on da xbox.

i get about 3 messages saying please reconnect the controller, thought my TE finaly went faulty, i checked it, it was all fine, but it was actually my wired custom stick,

now my wired stick wont even turn on, i hold on the xbox button nothing happend,
i opend the case, and the pcb flashes when its on but then it turns off, i repluged, and tried my spare Qd’s on the wired pcb and yet no luck, i tried for atleast 30 minutes, then it started working again.

i turn of the xbox to reconfirm it was working, then boom dead again. i also tried on the pc, and it says:


the usb onda comp has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it.

=[ i dont know what happend to it please someone help.

problem fixed, the line connected to the xbox is bent,i straighten it and now its fix,

the bent on the wire cause the pcb to lose connection and malfunctioned.

this applies for TE sticks, if u have ur lines bent for a certain time this will happen, simply straighten ur leads and i’ll be fixed, as for the TE as u put the wires back in its compartment, in a period of time it will damage its connection, and will result in please reconnect controller.

if the lines are bent for long enough,and even if u straighten it, u will still have please reconnect controller issue.

i guess this the wire compartment on the TE was a bad idea =X

reading your posts makes my eyes hurt

adjust the brightness of ur screen, and enlarge the text if needed, thanks