Xbox Controller S Cosmetics



I’m trying to make-over my Xbox S-pad (for the original Xbox!). I’m trying to do something that I think is probably kinda simple, but I wanted to ask here and see if anyone has some suggestions =)

I want the plastic jewel on the front of the controller to look different. Removing this jewel shows that its basically just a piece of plastic with some black markings on the back (which are hard to remove btw), and behind the plastic jewel is a paper sticker with the Xbox logo on it.

I was going to remove the jewel and soak it in something like CLR in order to remove the black ink stuff from the back. A little art-making and a trip to Kinko’s later and I’ll have a new sticker. If the jewel doesn’t just go back into place, I was going to use a single piece of extra wide double-sided tape to hold it down there (that way there wont be any tape edges visable) I’d cut the rest of the tape off with an exacto knife.

So, everyone has an arcade stick or a controller type that just feels “right”, and mine is an Xbox S-pad. Wierd, right? Hehe. But yeah, if anyone can give any suggestions on how I should go about this (especially going about it more intelligently) please, thanks and help out! Just FYI, I can expariment a little bit because I have two old S-pad controllers I’m willing to use as test dummies XD.

Thanks ahead of time!


I’ve never done this, but i did notice an instructable on it.

Hope thats some use to you!