Xbox E74 error (1 red light error)

So i was playing hd remix and the graphics were a little glitchy (3 win stars and glitchy life bars) so i restart my xbox. It boots up and i see an error saying contact xbox support error e74

I looked into it and found it could be numerous things such as the power brick, the av cable, the hard drive, and finally the gpu/cpu overheat problem we love so much

so far i tested the av cable switch it from hdmi to component and both still give me the error. the power brick is working just fine. And i also booted up my xbox without the hard drive in so it’s not that either.

My only option is to repair. Now i know i can repair it with thermal paste and nylon washers on the heatsink. But I don’t really wanna touch the inside of my xbox. On top of that i hear the repair fee is anywhere from $40 - $140 I wouldn’t mind paying but i want to know my options before i settle down and put more money into my deadbox360.

I looked this error up online and it seems to be the new ‘red rings of death’

I was just wondering has anyone else gotten this error and how much did you pay for repairs outside of warranty (if you have a story where you were still within the 1 yr warrant i’d like to hear it too! =D)

I believe M$ offers a 3 year warranty now, personally unless you KNOW your warranty is up, I’d call them up and see if you can get it fixed, if they wanna charge you tell them to fuck off and follow this video. It requires opening your box, but it’ll fix the RROD permanently from what I’ve heard. (I don’t own an Xbox personally, but I know two people who’ve done this and they said it fixed their boxes)


i got some weird error before, I just took my hdd off then put it back on and voila. No clue why it worked but my friend told me to do it.

As far as I remember:

1 Red Light - Hardware Error
2 Red Light - Software Error
3 Red Light - Hardware Error
4 Red Light - Software Error

Also Microsoft indeed do have a 3 year warrenty and red lights are covered…

yea, take off the HD first and reattach it. If that doesnt work…

How long have you had it?

You can always try to take it back where you bought it, and see if you can exchange it. Good luck tho.

File the repair request on their website. Your XBox may show up as out of warranty. Proceed anyway. When you select “red light(s)” as the problem, your XBox is magically under warranty again. I just did this last month.

Red rings of death IS under the 3 year warranty but the e74 falls under the 1 year.

I had my xbox for 15 months =(

I barely even touched it. kinda pisses me off. also what im thinking about doing is saying i got red rings of death and e74 it kept doing both =D.

It could be because i have a sony tv and they were fighting each other and the xbox lost. XD

but yeah, no hdr for me for at least after the holidays =(

i should yell at microsoft like “SO YOU’RE SAYING MY KID CAN’T PLAY ANY OF HIS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!?!” = free overnight shipping?

but anyways yeah i booted up with different combinations of peripherals unplugged. i tried no hard drive, no av cable, and a combination of the two. I didn’t even get the welcome rings. =\ i even tried booting up without no power plug but that didn’t get me anywhere.

i’ll try registering my xbox for repair later tonight and i’ll let you guys know what’s up.

e74 = new rrod? seems like it to me. =\

Look up how to take a heat gun to the southbridge and gpu, then put it back together (assuming you put new thermal paste on it first). That fixes your problem about 99% of the time. If you don’t feel comfortable, find somebody who does it a lot on craigslist or something

Can you do anything to force it to give you the RROD? Fuck it up to get that problem and then send it in.

I think msoft charges 90 dollars to fix the e74. If you want to fix it yourself just look up the penny fix for it on youtube.

yeah im thinking im either going to:
get my xbox to rrod on me
tell msoft that i get rrod or e74 50/50

i MIGHT repair it myself i mean i feel comfortable but i feel i can get away with lying =D (dont tell anyone!) =D

thanks for the suggestions!

also, im surprised no one else has gotten this error =S

My last 360 was shipped off because of the E74. Its actually becoming more and more common. I’ve responded to at least 10 posts like this in the last week on various sites/forums.

hmm is it covered under your warranty and,

is it under the 3yr or 1 yr warranty?

It was covered by the one year warranty, I only had 4 days left on it. Its not covered under the 3yr red rings one but I’ve heard from people who have just told them it was the red rings and got it fixed free. If you dont do that then its gonna be 90 dollars to get it fixed out of warranty or you can try the penny thing.

Also, if you send it in and pay 90 to get it fixed, Im not sure that they give you a warranty included in that. I think a 2 yr warranty is 60 extra bucks. There are constantly deals for brand new 360s for 130-150 on various sites so honestly, if they dont warranty it, I’d just wait for a deal like that. Then you’ve got a brand new one with a 1 yr general warranty and a 3yr red ring.

im like 3 months over my warranty =(

I hope the new Jasper finally fixes all this crap, I’ve been without a 360 ever since my last one died.

yeah hopefully does, damn microsoft…

So I researched around the web and I found a number of people who just sent in their xbox that were our of the standard 1 year warranty and got the E 74 repaired. They just labeled the error 3 red light error. I did the same and got mine repaired with no charge. So keep this in mind if you guys ever recieve this error dont give up just yet!

  • I got a 3 month repair warranty

+I got a jasper coming back to me!

Remember, this was when i was SOL so its good to know you can beat the system! Im glad this happened when this happened because sf4 is just around the corner…

are you sure you have a Jasper coming back? They don’t replace systems unless they can’t repair yours. Last time I sent mine in I got the same system back and my DVD rom died and I was just out of warranty by a week. :sad: It’s ok I got it taken care of though. :sweat:

While they should have had these problems fixed from the begining I’m glad they give very little hassle doing warranty repairs.