Xbox E74 error (1 red light error)

If you bought it with an American Express, you aren’t!

this happened to me. it was the hard drive. The connector inside the hdd enclosure came off. don’t ask me how because i have no idea.

all i had to do was open it, reattach the connector, and close it.

I just had to have mine fixed. first time I called, they were like OK, Not covered, it’s been a year and since you already had it fixed before so the 3 year warranty doesn’t apply. Also, since you just told me you used a surge protector, you voided the warranty. WTF?!? So I finally decided to pay to have it fixed, so when I had saved up my money, I called back and the lady was like, I’ll send a box right your way. Didn’t charge me or anything. I think it all depends on what the tech supports person’s numbers are looking like. Bad mood, shitty day? Sorry sir, it’s 90 dollars.

I got it as well, but far before they extended the warranties. I ended up having to pay $140 to get the dang thing fixed!