Xbox emulator for cvs2?

i just bought cvs2 eo on ebay the other day and didnt know it wasnt backwards compatible, i dont have an original xbox and i was wondering if there was any way i could play it without going out and buying an OG xbox. if anyone could help with this issue that would be great
thanks in advance

thread bellow in this section: Demul with netplay released (CVS2, GGXX, MVC2 etc.)

EO was garbage anyway

The Xbox version of CvS2 is not the way to go anyway. If you are going to play it, it should really be on ps2 or dc.

You may use CAPCOM VS SNK 2 EO.Or You can get help from customer service of xbox360 website.

lol worst idea ever…

thats a terrible port. I played out of desperation. dont think there will ever be an xbox emulator. no reason for anyone to do that. try the demul naomi emulator if you have a decent computer. we can always dream for finalburn emulator to play naomi games then we can play on GGPO/2df.