Xbox for SF Anniv or Xbox 360 for SF2 Hyper?

I already have a modded Xbox and two arcade sticks. I used to play CVS2 but I heard that game is now dead in the water.

Can someone with access to both tell me about the current population of players for each platform? Xbox 360, the only other game I would have any interest in, is DOA4. Xbox original can be had for 100 bucks used and I don’t have to worry about stick issues.

My only concern is Xbox scene will be dead soon with 360 taking over.

do you already have SF anniv for Xbox? if not, you should get it for 3s, regardless of anything else.

Well if your Xbox is modded Microsoft is gonna detect it and ban that Xbox from ever accessing XBL again.

I plan to either get a second xbox (unmodded) for XBL, or a XBox 360.

If you’re getting an Xbox 360, don’t expect to be playing anybody here inn anything except SF2HF.

Personally, I think SF2 in the SF:AC compilation is broken. I would go with the Xbox 360 version due to alot more competition and less lag ordeals.

Plus the Microsoft Backwards compatibility said they will have 100% compalibility… but they are moving slow as snails =(

I’m having the same dilemma. I have a modded xbox but I want to get back into XBL and 2D fighters. How’s the 2D scene on XBox 1 these days? I primarily want to get back into SF:AC and CvS2. From what I gather, CvS2 is kinda dead, HSF:AE is kinda dead, but 3s is going strong? That would be enough for me. So I’m thinking I’ll trade my modded xbox for a legit one (I’m not going to miss most of the games I DLed. I either beat them or don’t really care that much.) What would you guys suggest?

Yeah, that’s what I was hoping at first. MS however, has since said this probably won’t happen.

We could use more players in cvs2 lol.

LOL good because I’ve already decided to get the legit xbox. I also have CFE, GGX#R and KOF 02/03. I’m a scrub in all of em though. But I’m not one of those scrubs who you tell to read up on the game, never does and never plays again. Or one of those scrubs that drop. I want to get good. Eventually try to get into the offline scene too but there’s nothing here in Baltimore (that I know of). Guess I’ll have to wait till I get back to NYC for offline.