XBOX Gamer Profile..linked to controller?

Ok, sorry if this is kinda out of scope for an SRK tech talk QA thread…

New to 360 and coming from a PS3 this switching controllers thing is really something. All I’d like to do is use my arcade stick to play fighters, then when needed use my stock controller to type messages, IM’s, etc (with or even without the chatpad) within the xbox menu.

On the ps3, the chatpad is basically a BT keyboard peripheral to the whole system, whereas for the xbox if I start a game with a controller, like you cant even turn the dam thing off without exiting the game. Now I understand why I see console resets every so often at offline sessions.

Is there a way to do this without exiting the game, switch gamer profile to a different controller?

Nope, not exactly. You can switch controllers mid-game, but the Xbox 360 acts like a suborn child.

Xbox 360 is more picky how they address which player is which controller over the PS3. PS3 supports on the fly reassignment of what player is what controller (via home/guide button).
Xbox 360 requires all the controllers to disconnect first (if not a system restart).

There is one way to swap controllers on the Xbox 360, works on wireless only.
Hold down on the X Guide button until you see the option to turn off Controller or Console.
Yes you have to shut off your controllers to do so, for USB you just need to unplug the controller.

Key is you need a controller OFF on the Xbox 360 if you want another controller to take over as that player.

Exiting a Game using the Guide.
[]Bring up the guide menu, 1 quick press.
]Head to the Game Tab.
[]Select Game Libary
]Exit Game
Most XBLA titles support exiting the game in Menu