XBox GGXX#R - Progressive Scan woes

After playing around with the import version of GGXX#R for X-Box, it seems like the only way to play it correctly is with progressive scan (480p) turned off. With progressive scan turned on, it seems to stretch out the game by a lot, cutting off a lot of the edges. Additionally, it makes the characters look way bigger than normal . . . does anyone else that has the import version see what I mean?

It would be really annoying to have to go to my settings and turn progressive scan off on my X-Box every time I wanted to play GGXX#R online for X-Box Live. Besides, I’d rather be playing in progressive scan, anyway. Does anyone know a way to turn progressive scan on for this game, but fix the stretching/overscan? I’d love to hear if anyone has a workaround.

Thanks! Please reply!

My friend had a problem with his HDTV cause the image was stretching too much on MvC2 on XBox and what he did was read through the manual of the tv and he figured out how to unstretch the image as he pleased using some codes on the tv controller. I don’t know how it affected other games or anything else but it’s worth a try i guess.

This may seem obvious but…you do have the video mode on your Xbox set to ‘normal’, & not widescreen or letterbox, yes?

It’s usually a more complicated issue than that.

Often times, Televisons tend to have independent settings for either each of the inputs, or each display mode. I know my TV has separate settings for 480i, 480p, and 1080i. Fubarduck, be sure to check your service menu for your options to correct your overscan.

If you don’t have Digital Video Essentials, I suggest you go get it from It’s only $20, and it will go a long way in making your TV look great.

Dear Javi.

I know that HDTVs have independent settings for each input and display mode. I don’t have DVE, but I have and use Avia. Anyway, hear me out.

Both my PS2 and X-Box are hooked up to the SAME INPUT, via the Audio Authority 1154 Component auto-selector. When PS2 GGXX#R goes into progressive scan, there is no stretching/overscanning. Additionally, I tried a handful of other X-Box games in 480i and in 480p, and there wasn’t any stretching/overscanning in those in 480p, either.

The problem ONLY exists in GGXX#R, X-Box version. I have tried the game on other HDTVs, not just my own, and all exhibited the stretching/overscanning. I have a friend who is ISF certified to calibrate TVs, I am aware of normal overscanning issues and how to fix them. But, this is an issue in which “correcting” the overscan would distort ALL other material in 480p.

I posted about this in the Majesco thread, and they seem to think that I am crazy or wrong, but I am only the first one. So hopefully, they will clear everything up.

Well the guy in the Majesco boards DID say that the game might be running on a JP HDTV standard, which is different from ours…


as far as i know there should be a way to set the screen ratio on your hdtv. i would definityl bug around with it… if your XBOX has 480i turned on… you shoudl set your tv to 480i as they should match

RXS dude, you don’t even know the definitions of the words I’m saying.

Obviously a BS answer. First of all, 480p ISN’T EVEN HIGH DEF, it’s standard def, but it’s better than 480i of course. Yes, Japanese HDTV standard is different, but this game is NOT HD. The technically accurate term for it is ED (Enhanced Definition). EDTV still runs on the same old standard NTSC signal. Japan and American Standard/Enhanced definition TVs are IDENTICAL in resolution, refresh rate, etc. Trust me, I have seen and played TONS of Japanese games on mine and other friend’s TVs in progressive scan and none of them exhibit the problem that GGXX #Reload does. That’s why there’s only an issue with this game.

It would be nice to have some productive answers from some people here with EDTV or HDTVs. I am fairly certain that ANYONE with a TV capable of 480p can reproduce this error, and see how bloated the characters are. I’ll even try to post some pics from my camera sometime this weekend so that you guys can see just how much it distorts the image.

If I could bring my modded Xbox to work to try it on our VGA projector through my VGA box… Actually I could maybe try something, I just gotta run there and try it on my own monitor, but I’m not sure the results would be accurate(due to it being a Component->VGA convertor)…

Humm this is a strange problem. First off tell me what kind of TV you have. Im a little confused with what youve tested. Are you saying that when you tern off the 480p setting in the x box dashboard, the picture turns back to normal? If so have you tried to use a independent component video cable (Ive never herd of this but its not completely out off the question that some how that game doesnt like the cable thats being used). And just so everyone knows, just because you tern on the 480p setting in your xbox and you TV can display 480p doesnt mean the game utilizes it.

Yes, I agree, it is a strange problem.

Yes, if you turn off the 480p setting in the X-Box dashboard, the picture is back to normal.

No, the video cable has nothing to do with it. FYI, I’m using the official Microsoft component cable.

Yes, turning on 480p in the dashboard and having a 480p capable TV doesn’t mean that the game utilizes it. GGXX #Reload DOES utilize it. When it does, it exhibits the problem that I have explained several times already. This is why it’s a bug and this is why I am really hoping Majesco will listen and fix it for the US version of the game. I’m trying to educate everyone and do a favor to all 480p capable TVs in the process. I certainly don’t want my only choice for the game in the USA to be a crippled version–the Japanese import version on PS2 does progressive scan perfectly (like every other progressive scan game I own) so why should we settle for any less?

The problem previously went undiscussed because not enough GGXX#R players have both an import version of the game for X-Box AND a 480p capable TV, and the non-GGXX#R players that have an import version of the game for X-Box don’t know what the game is supposed to really look like, so they don’t notice that the game is horridly stretched until they disable 480p in their dashboards and see what the game is SUPPOSED to look like. Have a look for yourself in the thread I started on the Majesco forums:

danbal76, a casual gamer (but not a serious GGXX#R player yet) with a 480p capable TV thought I didn’t know what I was talking about. But, as per my instructions, he disabled 480p on his TV, and saw what the game really looks like. He can now easily see that the game is seriously flawed when displayed in 480p.

Try it yourself, and if you have the same results we all have, post on the Majesco forums and demand a fix for the US version. Majesco won’t listen unless the problem is universally recognized.

phew! good thing i don’t have an hdtv!!

wait… no it isn’t… :frowning:

Just want to say that it happens to me too, huge overscan to the poiint that there’s no 2P side border…basically a character can DISAPPEAR altogether…

Please post your comment in the Majeso thread here:

Just on a follow up, Isuka has the same problem, but it’s not as severe as only half the character vanishes in the corner! Well at least I can block now.

I would just like to say that I don’t experience the problems that you guys have. I use a component to VGA transcoder, and I have had the game for about 2 weeks. I have tried all the combinations of modes, and I can’t find one instance of this happening at all.

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