Xbox Ibuki on East coast

Looking for a good Ibuki player to spar with. I main Cody.
I am in central Jersey on Xbox live, gamer tag R Oh Be.

I know PP dosn’t necessarily indicate skill but I am B ranked and hover between 2000-2500 usually, and currently around 4000bp after a glorious losing streak. Looking for someone with Cody matchup experience.

Please let me know thx.

I play a good Ibuki and I live in NY. But be prepared for a lopsided match up: NVNiko


I’ll move to NY in February, so I’ll contact you then to play together :slight_smile:

Any New Yorker here ready to show me the NY Street Fighter Scene when I’ll arrive there?

XBL: MingoDynasty

xbl: epg kooky ibuki