xbox lag

This has nothing to with lag. This is offline play.

It seems like my game has random spikes (my games are installed to harddrive)

and once in a while I’ll get some gameplay issues. What’s the solution/problem if anyone has had simliar issues.

sound like monitor lag

what monitor are you using?

Is this just for a specific game or all games that you play?

not monitor lag.

the game delays as in it goes slow like im running a really high requirement game.

it’s street fighter and it’s in offline mode and my friends notice it.

Is it possible that your Xbox is overheating?

How old is your 360? Some old 360s are just plain slow. My 360 is like this during Marvel.

I’d go for a overheating guess. If this is the case, try to get it fixed ASAP before you get RRoD.

Yeah it means your xbox is close to RRoD. Mine was laggy the week before my original elite shit the bed.

If it’s a Xenon or Falcon it’s probably about to red ring.

You can xclamp it, replace the thermal paste and do the 12v fan mod, but all in all it really is just delaying the inevitable, heat gunning/reflowing will only work for so long. The only true fix would be to reball the GPU but it’s really not worth it unless you already had the equipment. I would sell it as is on eBay and use that money to pick up a new Xbox.

when I had an XBOX360 a couple years back it RRoD when I first played Bioshock. I paniced, turned it off, waited for half hour and it returned to life on his own. I sold it a few months later and the guy who bought it from me told me it works fine even now. How weird is that?

That’s why I have a PS3 now…

This happened to me several times when I was playing vanilla on two different PS3 slims, at least once in the Diner stage. I traded the slim in for a 60GB PS3 and it hasn’t happened since. It may not be platform specific.



you know you want to

i have a 250gb xbox 360 that’s shiny. How do I know what model it is?

Glossy? It’s probably the Xbox 360 Slim.

Hmm. If it’s one with built in WiFi, it shouldn’t be red ringing…

How old is said console? Still under warranty?

it’s still under warranty

its an xbox 360 s.

And yeah its getting annoying now.

that’s the Valhalla chipset.

how well is the ventilation?

Check and make sure it’s in a vented area. Make sure air can get in and out.

If problems persist and still under warranty, mail that piece in and get fixed.