Xbox Lens

I bought an old used Xbox over the summer holidays, and it was working fine the first day. However after that it started to not play discs, or play them, but the game was laggy. I bought a DVD Disc Drive cleaner and that seems to have worked a little. It’s still a bit laggy in some games though at certain points. What do you guys think? Should I clean the lens by opening the xbox up? Or just leave it as is, because it’s working? I look forward to your insites.

Ice Bomb

how about running games off your hard drive? no slowdowns.

My friend’s Xbox has the same problem. I think the laser just up and died on his though. Probably from the 6000+ games of Halo 2 we played on it. As far as I know, you could get it replaced at a repair shop, open up the system and get a new drive (though it would have to be the same kind and with special firmware), or put in a much larger hard drive and load games off that. Used Xboxes are only $80 at GameStop, though, and any of those other options is probably the same price if not higher.

actually my 360 is starting to do that now it wont read any games at all and its infuriating specially with me not being able to play halo3 and virtua fighter almost being out.

Same here, 360 has trouble loading and sounds like an electric razor when it reads dics. It gets super loud, like louder than it was in the first place. Luckily I got the replacement plan from best buy and brought it in there last weekend. They gave me a brand new one on the spot, I also traded up to the 360 elite for $50 more.

As far as the regular xbox, I’m certain you can just replace the drive with a new one. You have to make sure the new one will be compatible though. google “xbox dvd drives” and I’m sure you get a list of the ones that will work.

The thing is, I’m almost positive it’s not the drive. I think it’s just smoke build up on the lens from the previous owner because it’s used. They lived in a Smoking Household so I’m pretty sure it’s the lens.

Leaveal: I’m not familiar with running games off the hard drive. I never even knew that you could insert them there.

Ice Bomb

you’ll need a mod chip to run them off your HD, and you’ll probably want to replace your HD since 8gb is tiny. you should hit me up through Yahoo messenger or something, i doubt i’m allowed to talk about this in detail. rest assured it’s going to be much better than replacing / fixing your lens.