Xbox Live 2 month trial for sale

Sup ya’ll, I got this with my NFL2k5 and have no use for it. I’ll send the code over e-mail as soon as I recieve paypal payment. is $5 good? let me know.

I’ll give one buck fiddy for it. Hahaaaha
Fuck that I am gonna go BlockBuster and steal myself some out of the boxes.

i got 1 for free dudes.

Dude share the wealth. 5 bucks come on, i work at a game store and i usually just give them out for free. Better luck next time.

I already sold it on another forum, but thanks for helping out guys :lame:

What did you expect? Why would people buy a 2 MONTH TRIAL card when they can get them for free where everyone else mentioned?

tell me where to get one to free, this one expired today so I was trying to move it fast. Where can I get one free if they are so abundant?

Go to Blockbuster and steal them out of the cases or games like Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Project Gotham Racing 2 and Counter Strike

Anything relatively new really

scratch scratch!

Subscription Code

oh wait----vaild until 9-30…

Nevermind. :slight_smile: