Xbox Live Account and Windows Live Mail?


How do you go about figuring out what your Xbox Live Account Username was tied too on Windows Live Mail?

Basically, I couldn’t get on live so the guy troubleshooting the issue had me delete my profile.
When asking for my Windows Live Mail account, I told him I don’t remember getting one.
Now they won’t give me the email it’s under, and I can’t sign back into my Xbox Live account.

Anyway I can fix this situation?


I think it automatically creates a hotmail account when you put down your email account…

Which email account did you use to create the xbl account…

Unless I’m misunderstanding the question…


Oh, that’s the problem, I actually don’t remember.
Calling Tech Support, I called in and kept asking which email address is associated with my Gamer Tag, but they won’t tell me.
This sucks, seeing as how all my info was already in my Xbox, yet the Tech guy had me delete my profile. Now that info is gone. But I’m still wondering if I can find out what email is tied with my Gamer Tag.

If I could figure out the email, then the rest should be easy.


Try logging into with all your known e-mail addresses and password combos you would have used. Once you have a successful login, chances are that’s the e-mail you used.


I’ve failed horribly.
I had a buddy find a way into my account, and got it.
Seem like I put in a bogus email that didn’t exists. It’s odd how it was accepted.