Xbox Live chat using 2nd controller?


Does anyone know if it’s possible to chat via the 2nd controller on xbox live when playing SFIV? I just sent my homie an arcade stick and I realized that i didn’t put a mic input on it. (it also doens’t have the xbox button in the stick) So now we’re trying to get it so he can chat with me using the 2nd(regular pad) controller, but we can’t figure out how to do it. Can any1 help?


I don’t think it works unless there’s a certain trick to it. This was a recurring problem for me since I used to use a PS2 to 360 converter and a dual modded PS3 stick.


Try signing in on another controller and creating an xbl party. Both accounts should be rigged in the party at the same time and then use the other account to talk.

Its either that or he buys a wireless mic or a mic that goes into the 360 via headset or something like it


Damn =( Tried the xbl party thing, couldnt get it to work. (the other account wont sign into the party). Looks like he’ll have to mod the stick to add a mic port, lol. Thanks for the help anyways



Couldnt you just use a wireless mic? It works perfectly with converted MAS sticks!