XBOX Live clans

Are any of you here part of clans that play fighting games online? I was thinking about doing something like this, but I think that it would be best if I ask here for advice from people that might have some experience under their belts.

What I am looking for is to create a close-knit group of people online (with good connections of course) to get together once a week or something and fight each other as well as trade tips or something. I also know some people that I can play offline, but it would be nice to get something going online instead of searching people to play all day long.

I do know that it would be hard to do since these games don’t exactly have the extensive online capabilities of Halo 2 or something, but I don’t think that it is impossible. Of course, those that have bad connections (constantly) would be banned from joining. With that in mind, I sure hope that things can improve once the games are fully supported by the XBOX 360…eventually.

what games? I’d be down.

All I have is Capcom vs. SNK 2, Guilty Gear XX #Reload, and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. I asked around on some other forums, but nobody was interested from what I could see