XBox Live Dates & Pricing update

Just some news for you people idling with your XBox Live shit…

Pricing on Old Games:
-Dead or Alive Ultimate is now $39.99 Brand New

-Guilty Gear XX #Reload is still $19.99 Brand New

-Mortal Kombat Deception is now $39.99 Brand New

-Street Fighter Anniversary Edition is still $29.99 Brand New

-SvC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom is now $14.99 Brand New

To Be Released:
-Capcom Fighting Evolution ships 06.14.2005 for $39.99

-King of Fighters Maximum Impact ships 06.15.2005 for $39.99

-King of Fighters 2002/2003 ships 08.15.2005 for $39.99

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 is getting harder to find new.

Fight on

wtf maximum impact comes out before 2002/2003? fuck

Me wants FF hat, but not the game.

I have to to wait till freaking Augest now for KOF2k2/2k3. I think i’m gonna give up on SNK now

KOF:MI cannot be that bad. I’ve heard some decent things about it last year.

Also certain Meijers stores have the PS2 version brand new for under $10. Almost bought it…

dangit, still no date on samarai showdown v??!! sigh

I don’t think it’s bad… but there’s 100% combos that really aren’t that hard to do.


Hmmmmm, if the game gets a community outside of the usual guys who play fighters, I might still pick it up at a later date. As it stands, I’m not going to chance it at the moment and wait for KOF:2002/2003, Sam Sho V, and Neowave instead. No biggie.

what about battle callasium :frowning:

Is there lag with SvC: Chaos?

Samurai Shodown V
Ships on 10/15/2005 for 30$

so far away! but as long as we’re gettin it, im happy :bgrin:

CVS2 should be remade into a platinumclassic for XBOX

Looks like KOF:MI got pushed back again. :frowning:

Heh, I preordered it back when my Gamestop first said th ere would be an Xbox version (months before it was annouced on websites and stuff) and I quickly cancelled it and transfered the credit to another game. I rented MI on PS2 and realized it wasn’t worth buying even if it came with a whole Fatal Fury outfit.

It sucks that CFE cost twice as much as the PS2 version now. I want it but I think I can wait for a price drop or some kinda of deal…

i want some snk games damn they’ll never come out its fucking tease

anyone have info on mark of the wolves for xbox live?

Haven’t heard anything about it… It would be cool if they made the SE version with the NG stick for Xbox though…

well…is kof out yet?

omg! the kof02|03 got pushed back to 8\23!!! :sad::sad::crybaby: