Xbox live disconnection issues

Hey everyone.

I have been SF4 online since release and until now have had very few problems.

Last night I started losing the connection with whoever I was fighting very soon after the start of every match. Generally it would get about 10 seconds in and then die. This morning it would barely get past the initial poses of the characters when the match starts.

There doesnt seem to be a problem with my internet, or at least I dont seem to be totally losing my signal since I never actually leave xbox live. Also if I just sit in the lobby talking to whoever it is over headsets before we both hit Ready the connection seems fine.

This is a new problem for me and it happens literally every match no matter who I am playing or where they are in the world (so far at least).

Could it be a bandwidth problem maybe? Could my conncection be running slower than normal to the point where talking in the lobby is fine but as soon as an actualy fight starts it cant handle it?

I am on a 10 meg fibre optic connect so my speed is usually great, although I am using it over wireless.

I have tried reseting the modem and router and it hasnt made any difference.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated guys as I am starting to feel withdrawl simptoms lol.

Thanks for your time


Did you recently start playing with other electronics on that you didn’t have on before? I know when the cordless telephone is turned on it’ll interrupt my wireless connection. If you can I’d try plugging it in with a wire and see if you have the same problem.


I’m noticing the same problem the last 2 days, I’m on a wireless connection also. I’ve had no issues since the release of the game. As soon as the fight starts, I will lose connection.

I feel there’s something going on with xbox live b/c I’ve been able to play SF4 on my PS3 without issues (wireless also).

Can others report if they’ve had similar problems.


Same here. I had set up a linksys wireless game adapter last week on my roommates 360 and as soon as the match starts it disconnects. Sometimes it disconnects right away other times it would disconnect about 10 secs. into the match. So we decided to just wired it through the vents and there is no problem there. I rather not run wires too. The thing that sucks was that it took me a while to updating the adapter since its about 3 years old.

Never had any problems me. When I got the game a day before release it worked perfectly, the only difference I see now is for some reason it doesnt display the connectivity of the people who I can challenge like it did on the first day. But I always put that down to my crappy connection, it works fine in game just doesnt display how strong my connection will be with them before starting.

Hmmm at least im not the only one having this issue. As far as I know there have been no changes to my connection or envireonment that could affect the connection so im pretty sure the problem isnt anything I can actually affect myself.

I would do it through a wire if I could but the problem is I would have to drill a hole into my moms office. May just do it and not tell her… she will never notice lol.

So is the only fix for this going wired to we reckon?

Cheers for all the advice guys


I am assuming that you are using the 360 wireless adapter.

There may be something that’s affecting the wireless signal to/from the router. I suggest changing the wireless channel on your router to something other than channel 6, which is the Linksys default channel if I remember correctly.

Hey Javi,

How do I change the wireless channel. . .I’m not totally computer retarded, but not sure what you’re referring to. And I am also using a Linksys router.


Go to your routers configuration page. Usually the default IP address is

However it is whatever your Router’s IP address is set to. Mine is the default, so I go to my internet browser and enter

Enter admin info to login then it should be easy to find from there. I cant tell as ive never used a Linksys, but it’s easy to find on my router.

Hey again guys.

Just a quick update, I have spoken to Xbox twice and virgin once over about 2 hours. Eventually on the second call to xbox I spoke to a lady who mentioned they were doing some pretty major updates to the servers today and that it was possible some people who be affected in unexpected ways.

I tried my sf4 again a few moments ago and it worked fine so it looks like this was atempory problem on their end.

Thanks for all your advice though everyone, hugs for everyone.