Xbox live issues?

Is it just me or is there something wrong with XBOX Live? I get plenty of results searching for fights but the connection bar just blinks

yeah its fuckin up I thought it was just me.

yeah im getting the same 2 people over and over after the search results and latencies wont show up.


same here… im having trouble on xbox, my roomate says his pc version is fucked too.

I also was having issues all yesterday afternoon, thought it was just me. I could barely find any good fights without lag.

I thought it was just me too. What’s going on?!

I’m getting the same people each time I refresh and no connection bars for show up.

you guys just noticed this now? lol it’s been going on since yesterday morning, can’t fuckin’ play street fighter IV for two days straight online now…I’m surprised a thread wasn’t made for this issue anywhere else even on the crapcom website.

Man i tought it was just me aswell so whats going on any word on the problem?

I get the same lists every time with games I can’t join. Playing Arcade Mode doesn’t help.

are people still experiencing this problem atm? I am about get home soon and want to play so I can’t test it myself.

Yea Ive had similar issues the last couple of days.

A couple of my friends are having the same issues. Glad it isn’t me.