XBOX Live on iBahn at Marriot Hotels

Does anyone know of a way to get onto XBOX live at a Marriot iBahn network?

Here’s what I tried.
[]bridged laptop wireless to ethernet and connected laptop ethernet to xbox (straight through cable) (works tethered to droid but too slow)
]Internet connection shared (ICS) wireless to ethernet connection and connected laptop ethernet to xbox (straight through Cable)
[*]Begging front desk to unlock internet
I have not tried bringing my own router and setting up that way. In theory I guess I should be able to connect the room ethernet to the wan port of a router running dd-wrt and get on with NAT, but I didn’t think to bring a router with me on my trip.

The Hotel could be blocking XBL. XBL IP addresses are well known and any system admin worth there paycheck knows how to block unwanted traffic.
Gaming takes up ALOT of bandwidth, many places pay by the bandwidth usage or have a bandwidth restrictions, a reason why the Hotel could block this.

Bets bet is to tether cell phone to laptop and from laptop Ethernet cable to Xbox 360.

Yeah I tried tethering to my droid, but 3g isn’t quick enough for online gameplay.

Depending what you have at home, you might be able to create a VPN to your house, then use that to go back out to the internet. Most hotels allow VPNs, because of all the business travellers. Note, this trick allows you do a great around a great many things, which I shaln’t mention directly here for fear of being slapped.
Basic set up: Router on the road with VPN to your Router at home. Make sure all traffic is sent over the VPN first.
Be warned - this will very much depend on the speed of your internet at home - ADSL is almost certainly a no-no for this one, Cable will at least give you some decent upload slots.