Xbox Live or PSN?

I was just wondering, which version is better? In terms of network function, competition, and gameplay? I want to get a 360 or PS3, but this is probably going to be the only game I play for a while, so I wanted to know which version of MvC2 online would be better before I drop a few hundred on one console or the other LoL


I really don’t get why people are being such “purists” when it comes to ports. I mean really, theres a few harmless bugs, but there are PATCHES, and Capcom is working on one now. ITS THE SAME DAMN GAME.

it really doesn’t matter which one you get, i would get 360 since the 360 fighting game community seems to be a bit bigger

From what I’ve heard, PS3 = More stability, XBL = More top players.

I agree dreamcast is the best port.

I didn’t know you could play online with dreamcast. Amazing.

You can with Kaillera. It’s just not optimal.