Xbox Live Rep.



Hey, just a quick question about the xbl rep system.
Like almost all ppl i was playing SSF4 before MvC3 (also HDR, MvC2 and SC4) when most player lose they get mad and send hatemail or whinemail everyone knows the process.

But my problem is the Reputaion system. when i 1st started playing SF4 i had like 30%avoid now mvc3 is out and i played many many hours online, main team Hsien-Ko/Deadpool/Doom. now my Rep is down to 63% avoid.(i don’t wanna know if i would main sent)

Will i be soon on 80% and never find games anymore? how does the system really work?
I have no local/offline scene so is online the only thing i have and when i can’t find games anymore i could also quit the game right away.

The most important question is for me will i be able to join lobbys (when the spectator patch hits XBL) even if the ppl avoided me?

For my defense i never rep ppl even when he stomp me or ragequit. and the only mail i send is “GG” or “g2g”.


You’ll still be able to join lobbies and find games. The rep system just makes the person who avoided you have a less time being matched against you whenever they try to do quick matches. Not sure if MvC3 implements this system, but basically this rep thing is mostly just for show.


ah okay cool, thank you!