Xbox Live + Router

Seem to be having trouble with SF4 and my router. Seems like when I just take out the router and go from modem straight to Xbox, I can connect to more people/find more people.

I was just trying to connect in a Xbox live party/join game with a guy who lives closer to me then most people I have played on SF4. And I couldn’t, neither would work. I removed my router, and it worked right away.

Any ideas? Are there are their special ports I need to port forward for SF4? I have never had a lot of trouble from my router to my xbox. Played lots of Soul Calibur and COD before. But I have played around with the router a bit for GGPO/2DF. And Haven’t really used XBL since.

Thanks for any help!

make sure it’s a router as well; if it’s a switch that could be your issue.