Xbox Live strats. No RC'ing

Any tips for a non RC’in Yun in C-Groove? I’ve been using standing fierce as my AA. Using the dive kick to stay on top of them followed by a few jabs, then a throw, or if the jabs connect, chain into standing short, strong, F. lunge punch. Now that i think about it, since there is that bit of latency, i could probably abuse the hell out of his command throw since roll/throw seems to be such a big tactic on XBL. Any other tips for him?

Fierce DP can go under a lot of Fireballs, which is nice to help against keepaway. Divekicks seem to work well on Live, Dont Turtle, or your ass will get owned, at least in my experience. Thats all for now, though little.

The only dp i woudl use is his weak one, and ONLY in a poke string.