Xbox Madcatz TE $100 shipped, Xbox SSF4 $30 shipped, PS2 Happ Custom $85 shipped

  1. Xbox 360 Madcatz Round 1 TE stick with Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick. One of the grey buttons has been swapped for the roundhouse button that stopped working (just a bad switch in the button easy cheap fix) - $100 shipped

  2. Arcade-in-a-Box Custom Happ Competition Arcade Stick for PS2 (PCB is a SFAC) with Xconverter 360! - $85 shipped.

  3. Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 Near Mint - $30 shipped.

Paypal or USPS Money Order only. Shipping in the lower 48 states.


bump added Madcatz TE


Where in NJ are you located? and is the TE a round 1 or round 2?


Northeast Monmouth County. Its a Round 1 I believe, with the white sides.


double post


PM sent.


do you still have the original JLF for the TE?


nvm scoops i went with a different temp card. I didnt hear back from you. I still might take you up on it if it doesnt sell though just pm me when you get a chance.


no i do not


price drops + added DS Lite


Are you looking to trade?


yea, need anything in trade for the AIAB?




Willing to just sell the r4 alone?


edit: only thing i would trade for is a monitor with hdmi input and 1080p, for everything i have posted.


well if you can hang on to the AIAB stick until next Wednesday, i’ll give you $90 for it.


can you post pics of the ds. how solid is the hinge on it still?


the only camera i have atm is my phone and the quality is horrible. the hinge is great, screens are excellent, light scratches on the exterior of the ds.


pm’d regarding ds + r4