Xbox Magic Box needed

Hello good people, I really cannot find the xbox magic box anywhere on the internet. So therefore I’m here hoping somebody would be so kind as to look to see if they have one and selling me one. Im willing to pay a decent amount and we can negotiate later if you have one, well it is my hope that some one in the world has one and is willing to sell it to me.

You mean the adapter to play on the original xbox with a ps2 pad? I think it also had DC and saturn or something like that.

yes do you maybe have one?

I have three of these, none of which are for sale. They come up on occasion on eBay and normally sell for 50 to 80. I bought one off this Trading Outlet for 50. The other two came from the Neo Geo forums. I’d recommend posting a WTB there.

Hopefully this helps. I wanted one for several years before getting one.

thanks kyle

I have something similar I’m willing to sell, though it’s only PS2 to Xbox. It’s called the JoyBox, dunno if they’re related. It worked good and I got a lot of use out of it.

I have one actually that id consider parting with as I dont use my saturn pad as much as I used to. Feel free to PM