Xbox MAS stick question

Hey I’d really like to convert my xbox MAS stick to work for my 360 before the new street fighter ships out. I’m seeing converters on ebay that say Xbox to PC USB. Would these work on the 360? None of the items mention they would work on the 360 so I didn’t take the chance yet. Or if anyone has another option I’d love to hear it.

Thanks fellas!

It won’t work. Only good option is to put in a 360 pcb.

The Xbox to PC USB converters will not work for the 360, but heavy modifications are needed to be done to get your stick working for 360.

At that point, Id invest in a new stick.

heavy modifications you say? i’m pretty sure all he needs is to get the correct pin-outs to USB. doesn’t sound like brain surgery, and it shouldn’t warrant the ‘investment’ in a brand new stick.

maybe one of the modders here can chime in since its obvious that alpax doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Your stick is fine. You need the guts of a 360 controller to make this work. Go give this guy a few dollars and call it a day if you don’t want to solder it up.

The 360 uses security to prevent unlicensed 3rd party controllers from being used on the 360. That said, simply modding the controller cable to USB or using a ->USB converter is not going to work, you have to get a 360 PCB and rewire your stick for it as fsckyle said.