XBOX MvC2 Question

Is the xbox version of mvc2 a good thing to practice with. I dont know if it is close to a perfect port or what. Ive never played at an arcade and atm im just learning the game with my 2 younger brothers. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, especially with how to use the xbox controller with this game. Thanks for any help.:lovin: :lovin:

The X-box version of the game is supposed to be a good port, only unlike the DC and PS2, it is supposed to have many of the glitches fixed.

Sounds fine to me if you are not the type that is looking to exploit glitches like infinites, among other things. Depends on your preferences.

The X-box controller I’ve heard sucks hard for fighters, they should be played on sticks any way.

hahaha, an infinite is a glitch now?

You are a plauge on these forums. I really hope someone doesn’t listen to what you say ever.

The to the thread starter,

The only glitch that was removed that is toureny legal if I remember correctly is the Juggs power up glitch, which was simply powering up juggs, and tagging him out, which gave him the power up ALWAYS and not just for a little while.

I appreciate both of your help. I have a cheap pelican arcade stick that cost 20$ the buttons are nowhere near like arcade buttons and the stick has a ball on the top. Would it be a wise decision to start using this. If so how do you hold the stick. I never knew the proper way. BTW: The gambit/servbot royal flush glitch was also removed and I know that there is no way that the infinites were taken away cause I do the rom wit mag all the time. :rofl:

EDIT: heres a pic of the stick I have
clickk here to see

That stick is definitly crap in comparison to a real stick(real arcade parts).

Would be well worth it to buy something like the MAS, or buy and modify a Street fighter anniversary stick with happ parts. If you look around in the trading outlet you also might be able to find a good custom someone has up for sale at a good price.

All of which will be far superior to that pelican.

Here is a MAS Systems X-box stick at a decent price:

Dude, seriously trash that stick, it sucks. I had it for ps2, and it was garbage. It wouldn’t even do down attacks on it, thus no launch, jump, magic seven series:rofl: I threw it away in less than a week since the store wouldn’t let me return it or sell it back to them.

yeah i thought so. Do you guys think I should stick to the xbox controller pad. I dont want to buy an expensive stick really cause I dont know how long ill be into mvc2.

The X-box pad is suppose to be lousy for fighters, The D-pad on it I’ve heard was crap.

As for a stick once you buy a nice one like I mentioned above, it can practically last you a lifetime. Because they have standard arcade parts, fixing any thing that gets worn out over time, is easy as hell to do. Spend a little now, and it’ll be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

As for MVC2, it’s replay-value is Godlike, i doubt you’ll stop once you really get into it. Plus many other great fighters out there like 3rd strike, that play well with a stick.

Yes MvC2 does have a great replay value I play it everyday. I also play 3S, great game. BTW on the xbox pad why would you use the d-pad if you could just use the left stick.:wonder:

analog sticks are horrible for fighting games, always have been.

I have the Xbox version at home in my room i play it all the time, i have exams now so im tryna stop lol.

i play in the arcade and at home and the xbox version is top notch. there is no slowdown , the loading time inbetween matches is shorter than in the arcade. Tron Bonne’s assist still does 45 damage, and ken and akuma still have a massive damage air hurricane kick.

i also got those nuby sticks, the soul calibar ones. they are good enough to do the rom and fast flys and stuff so i like it

and if u choose to use the x-box controller, the d-pad is better than the joystick cuz the d-pad is just more accurate i think and u can set up dash for one button (the shoudler button) so u can paly magneto and storm all day and RTSD so nicely.

go ahead and buy the xbox version of marvel,and buy the ps2 one why you at it.those are the two best ports dont believe these guys

The best port of MVC2 is the dreamcast, as it’s been forever, thats not even a debate.

SyAdicate is an idiot. None of his posts EVER should be taken seriously.

xbox and ps2 are the best versions,dont believe these fools.they just mad because im telling the truth.they trying to april fool you.dont get dc version,you better off getting the xbox and ps2 mvc2.