Xbox Newbie Friends Request

Hope this will get not locked. The reason iam putting it here, is because Online outlets match making there has yet to be a post there since a month ago and there is only 4 post there and this is more traffic here for new people. So hoping to keep this thread here. for new people to play with other newbies

Post the game you have and where you from.

Right now i only have Umvc3 and will be getting gods among us and picking me a fight stick all so. And iam from Canada a buddy of my gave him is 360/account I have no friends on there at all because it took them all off.

Add me to the 360 my name is Shaco Kog Mow

Iam new to fighting games.

Though this thread is against the rules to be here and should be in matchmaking, I do agree that matchmaking is pretty dead.

I’m no noob but I will add you for when you start to get better at marvel. I’m from Ohio in the U.S.

I understand your dilemma, but going your own way and posting it in the Newbie Section isn’t the way to handle it. Otherwise, it’s going to end up with half the threads in here being matchmaking threads, the other half will be ‘help me’ threads, and pretty much anyone with worthwhile knowledge is going to stay as far away from this place as possible.

It’s almost a daily occurrence that people post up matchmaking threads, and they are all getting pointed to the matchmaking section. So either they’re not bothering to re-post in there, or if they are, then nobody is responding, or they themselves aren’t responding. In which case, same problem will probably transfer to the Newbie Section, and it’ll just get more cluttered.

Best way to find local newbies is to do it the classic way, but hopping online, and messaging and friending anyone who gives you pretty close/good games.


You might also try posting in the regional matchmaking section. You might fight people living in your state with a good ping.