Xbox One and wireless controllers


I don’t think there are any wired X1 controllers. I haven’t found any. I read that they can be plugged in via USB though. Does that wirelessly pair the controller to the X1 and is therefore banned?

Wireless Controller Issue

I found out that the X1 controller can be used with USB while no batteries are in the controller. Would that be allowed? This is different than taking the batteries out while not playing. I’m talking no batteries at all while the controller is anywhere near the hall.


We will look into it, and get back to you.


Awesome. My thought was that (along with the regular staff who checks for badges also checking for batteries if they see someone with an X1 controller) this could also be crowd enforced. To do this, there could be a something like a “see something, say something” sign at the hall entrance that says that if you see someone with batteries in an X1 controller to let them know that they need to ditch the batteries back in their room.


They could also provide controllers if needed (shouldn’t be too many stations), and that way they could enforce no batteries a lot easier. Very few people actually have an xbone stick so this issue will really affect entrant #s.


We will be providing joysticks for people to use at the KI tournament this year, since the Joysticks are hard to come by.
As for pads for KI, we can allow them for this year, and see how it goes. All batteries must be removed, and you must show a judge before playing your match.


Does anyone know about PS3 – would I need to purchase a PS2 controller and a converter – or would the PS3 dualshock 3 controller (connected to the system via USB) be allowable?


Dualshock 3 has always been banned.
Its because of a sync issue. You can however use a DS4. They work with the PS3 and don’t sync to the console.
Its design is also great. I’ve heard from a lot of Tekken players that DS4 is waaay better than DS3.


Disregard – just saw this under rules

■3rd party controllers which pair to a dongle like the MadCatz controllers and well as the Dual Shock 4 are fine.

Thanks JD, very helpful. Just saw a sticy explaining why the DS3’s aren’t allowed – makes sense.

Are you sure about the DS4? Dont want to be overly paranoid, but wouldn’t want to do some practising on the DS4 and show up having a un-usable controller. (I checked the main evo site, doesn’t say anything about yes/no on the DS4)



So just to clarify Xbox One controllers with the play and charge kit are ok?


no, you have to use the wire and remove the batteries/charge kit to play at Evo.