Xbox ONE Crossbone + Brooks UFB inquiry


Hey guys,

I was lurking around but didnt see anyone confirm (maybe im blind).

I have a Xbox one Crossbone modded with a PS360+.

Could I just buy a Brooks UFB and just drop it in given that I solder the points needed and plug the 20 pin cable?

Has anyone done it yet?



You could replace the ps360+ with the brook ufb. You’d put the 20pin harness on the ufb and wire up the usb lines.


Thanks Gummo!


You can also opt for pre-soldered headers on the Brook UFB, on paradise arcade shop, if you already have the jumper wires/blocks or JST connectors already available, and then just deal with soldering or connecting the panels on your controller’s end (e.g. the Turbo PCB board).


While this setup certainly is do-able, I don’t see the point of this. Unless you need both dpad and directional stick at the same time (or are worried about a firmware update breaking ufb compatability), there isn’t really an advantage of having a stock xbox one pad mixed with a ufb. Just use the ufb by itself as it already supports the xbox one.

Another option is just to use both the brooks ufb and ps360+. I would recommend Wiring the ps360+ with the rj45 connector for legacy consoles and a usb connector to the ufb for modern consoles. You then wouldn’t need a switch to toggle them.