Xbox One drivers for PC out now!


I’ll be testing this out with my TE2 when I get home this afternoon

Madcatz Killer Instinct T.E 2 (Xbox One) HELP on PC



As much as I no longer consider Major Nelson a credible source of information, as they are on Microsoft’s tit.

Major Nelson saying there a PC driver now for XBONE controllers seems promising
I rather stick to generic hid class devices.

There been recent issues with Xbox 360 sticks on the PC, so I would not expect much with the Xbone version of the TE2.


I asked markman. Looks like it works:


same here, triggers don’t work! Hope a fix comes soon.


LOL, figures.


They work for the TE that I dual modded with an official XB1 pad PCB. The TE2 works, apart from the triggers (as previously reported).


Installed the x86 driver off of, installed no problem, configured no problem, it thinks that R2 fully depressed is Z-Axis = 0%, L2 fully depressed is Z-Axis = 100%, when both R2 and L2 are open Z-Axis = 50%, and when both R2 and L2 are fully depressed Z-Axis = 50% again.

All buttons show up, except for the XBox home button.

I’m using a pad hacked SFAE stick built by @XxStanTheManxX, running ZSNES, and was able to map R2 and L2.