Xbox One: FAQ for what is really going on with the system. 6/17/13


**Release of Unbiased facts of Xbox console >>>>
Decided to do this since I’m not really biased to either system and don’t buy many games other than fighting games. Want a central thread that helps point out the facts or eventual facts of the system. Really hate the concept of system wars and people trying to fight for the systems instead of letting the systems do their own fighting. Having 3 systems in the market all doing strong made the market the most interesting it’s been in a long time and I would like to see that continue.

Bought both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and have been a big fan of both Xbox and Sony for a while. Bought the Xbox first after the failing Dreamcast before buying the PS2. I remember at that time Xbox had brought out the first system with a hard drive and broadband required internet access. Back then everyone trolled the system back in 2001/2 about not being able to hook up 56k to it. When it kicked around and people noticed the difference with broadband + Xbox Live, PS2 ended up caving in and making quite a few of their games Broadband only also.

I notice similarities with the Xbox One introducing things that seem too fast, too soon, but may end up being the norm and more accepted later. The thing that really got me of course is as a fan of frenetic or messy fighting games (3rd Strike, UMVC3, Skullgirls etc.) I was looking for something new on that front and saw that Killer Instinct was finally releasing again. With a new TE stick ready at launch or near launch that is super easy to open and mod (and will have a strap to wear without a bag) it looks like Xbox One should be interesting to purchase on launch. With people in the fighting game scene that I love to watch play and work on games like Filthy Rich and Mike Z working with the game, I feel this is a great way to start supporting the fighting game scene into a new era. At first I was thinking about just being done with games after this current gen, but this is too good to pass up on and watch go through.

As usual E3 seems to be another virtual rap battle/political debate between systems where people just hear whatever sounds the least awkward to them and jump on it. The only Xbox thread seems to still be labeled as a 360 thread so there isn’t much a thread to go to really figure out what’s going on. It seems a lot of people are going simply by what they heard men in business suits say at a video game convention which for both PS4 and Xbox One, will not get you everything you need to know. which is why I don’t watch that stuff.


With that here’s a list of frequently asked questions or assumed positions of the Xbox One.** I would like other people that may have answers to chime in without being all system war-y. For now some of the stuff will just be what is to my knowledge or what I have read and obviously will be updated as we get more info towards the release.

** NEW
Q: I heard that Xbox One will be using an old school 500 GB hard drive that can’t be removed. Is this true? **

A: Yes, it is true that you can’t remove the hard drive unlike with the PS3. Yet Microsoft has confirmed that you can hook any external USB hard drive to one of the 3.0 USB ports on the system. Which allows you much needed extra storage and makes it easier to keep more games on the system at one time.

Short Answer: Yes, but you can just attach any external hard drive you have to the system for much more space.

Q: I heard Xbox One will not allow you trade used games at Gamestop and will force you to buy a game to play it if it is not attached to your gamer profile. Is this true?

A: No real answer ATM. A yes and no it seems. Ronin Chaos’ used game thread states that you will have to pay for used games as mandatory. Yet, that was posted 25 days ago.

IGN states the deal seems to be that Xbox One is leaving the issue up to the publishers. Big companies like EA and Activision may force you to pay money to play a disc game that is not attached to your profile, but unless the publisher specifically mandates you should be able to play an already purchased game on another system without much of a problem. There’s no guarantee that Sony won’t follow suit later I would imagine also.

Short answer: Doesn’t seem to be an answer yet. Older news, rumors say yes, other newer stuff from IGN says no unless publisher specifically asks.

Q: I heard Kinect will always be watching what I’m doing and can’t be turned off. Are random people in the room going to be able to troll me by yelling “Xbox ON/OFF” and resetting my system all day? If I’m smoking weed and happen to have this hot chick in my room, can Microsoft see me smoking and fucking and then arrest us while we’re naked for use of illegal substances?

A: The Kinect 2 is a pretty controversial and revolutionary technology, but Microsoft has said and has previously confirmed that the Xbox is not spying on you. They have to follow laws about what information the Kinect transmits and there are preference settings to allow you to more specifically suggest what you would like the Kinect to monitor. Meaning most likely that if you don’t want the Xbox to turn on and off via voice command, you can change that. You can also go into settings and turn the Kinect sensor off so there is no video feed going into the Kinect (since it has no actual off button). If you’re super paranoid just unplug the power cord when you’re not using it. <<<< Microsoft’s current guidelines for the 360 Kinect. They are already bounded to specific privacy and online safety rules and those will carry over to Xbox One.

If the Xbox 360 released with a Kinect this would have been blown over already IMO. The Kinect was a surprising hit on the 360 after its release and nobody seemed to worry about it then. The people who bought it for exercise or for general play for the family or kids would have been up in arms a long time ago if they were that worried about their family being spied on.

Short Answer: The Kinect DOES NOT transmit what is on camera to Microsoft when you are not using it with a Kinect game/software. It’s not sending video feed or data when just sitting in standby like some covert spy camera. They are not allowed to access what is on the camera and will have extra settings for dealing with the privacy issue through the system. You can turn voice commands off so people can’t turn on and off the system with their mouths.

Q: I heard that you will need to connect to the internet once every 24 hours to play Xbox One games. This true?

A: Unfortunately it seems that way so far, yes. I’ve heard other rumors that suggest that they may change things, but for now most articles seem to state that you will need to be connected at least once every 24 hours to play your Xbox One games. Obviously being a hassle for a fighting game tournament. This policy could easily change in the future though since the system hasn’t even released yet. Apparently there are articles stating that Microsoft is saying that people who don’t have internet should basically just stick with the 360.

Short Answer: For now, yes.

Q: I heard that Xbox One will require installation for all disc games. Is this true?

A: Yes, you will have to install all games like on a PC to the hard drive. Once the game is installed you no longer need to use the disc to play the game on that console.

Short Answer: Yes.

More FAQ as I find more questions and people post. Thanks in advance.


We all ready have an Xbox One thread and it is glorious. No need for this.


There can only be one.


@orochizoolander, that name is pretty vague for an official Xbox One thread. Regardless I just made this thread specifically for putting down answers for the questions people are asking about the system.

If a mod feels this is not needed then they can take it down, but there is not centralized front page for the basic questions and rumors for the system. Would rather have something where you don’t have read pages and pages.


No. The thread title is wrong and that and the E3 thread are just used to post terrible memes and gifs 5 times over and days old Xbox 1 articles.

DJ has a nice idea but this will most likely turn into the 3rd thread to bash M$. Damn Hecatom is committed.


It says a lot that a thread like this is even required. Microsofts policies are vague and confusing and made worse by their own responses. I have an idea, Microsoft. Just keep your employees off of Twitter for a while. They have helped no one in this mess.


Let’s stick to the thread quoted, it just needs a title change.


If Microsoft announced today that they were doing away with their Kinect requirement and their retarded DRM, I’d be all like:


Close this shit please , lmao


I’ve been on SRK too long to worry about old men trolling and I would like to keep the thread system war free.


I respect that you’re trying to bring clearity and facts to Microsoft and the Xbox One. But never before have so many declared such displeasure for one console.


@RagingDemonStorm, yeah it’s unfortunate that the system has gotten a lot of bad press. It’s mainly why I don’t watch E3 and other press stuff because the guys in suits will say anything which may end up changing by the time the system releases or after.

Overall though I don’t see the system going the way of the Atari Jaguar or Dreamcast. Microsoft is too big of a name and they’ll have enough exclusive titles once everything settles and people stop worrying about what the big suits say so much. 360/PS3 launch changed a lot between both systems and Wii took a sudden charge in the middle of it also. A 3 system next gen is what will make the competition between the systems the most interesting and that’s what I hope goes down.

Got a long way to go and just want something that has easy access to what is most likely really going on.


There shouldn’t be so much confusion before E3 MS layed out the policies.

Its like people are reaching hoping its not as bad as it is lol it is as bad as you think it is. Obv things can change but most of the restriction aren’t that confusing or vague as people say they are.


This thread shouldn’t exist but since it does, you should mention in the part about forced installation that the hard drive is not upgradeable, the 500 gig drive is aaaaalll you get.


The Xbox One will support external hard drives.

Let me know how that works out for you guys.


@Crotchpuncha, @Chachi

Yeah I figured external hard drives would be an option. Taking in and out a hard drive from a console itself is pretty old school and not something you really have to do with like a laptop anymore.

Chachi, are you saying that the Xbox One will support any external hard drive you buy from a computer store or online?


Where you gonna plug an external into? It only has 3 USB slots, two of which the Kinect take from my understanding. Chances are the TV tuner will take the last one.


Long as you don’t need the TV tuner plugged in you can just used the slot for that.

Or just be a nerd and buy a cheap ass USB hub.

Article confirmation of use of external hard drives. I like the sound of that. If Microsoft is telling you this can be done there’ll be a way to make room.


There is supposed to be USB 3.0 input in the back where you can plug one in.


are you sure? i thought that there was a special slot for the kinect which wasn’t one of the actual usb ports?