Xbox One + Fightsticks compatibility?

Any word on whether the Xbox one will support the Mad Catz Tournament Edition fightsticks? Would hate to have these go to waste…7 in my collection…plan on keeping these for the next 10 years (still have the NubyTech 15th Anniversary sticks in perfect working condition)


Xbox 360 accesories ahve been confirmed NOT to work on the xbox One. However, jsut wait for a while, I’m sure someone here on SRK will make a mod to make it work :wink:

That’s if there ends up being a free USB port for you to plug it in considering the machine only has 3 of them, the Kinect requires two of them (and the Kinect is required for the machine to even work) and you have to buy the add on to use the TV functionality, which will probably use that last USB port.

Thanks for responding.

That really really sucks. They should allow some of the more expensive peripherals to work…it’s just not fair. And I rather not mod the sticks to lose compatibility with the older systems since there is a huge library of fighting games on there.

I think its best to just keep your ps3/xbox 360 , wait for a new fightstick to be released or hold tight for a future mod because there isn’t much word on fighting games on the new consoles. Also, I heard the Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible :confused:

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