XBOX ONE HORI RAPV Triggers not working on pc

Hi, as the title says I can’t get the RAPV LT and RT to work on pc. After doing some research I see this is a common problem but I can’t find any solution :frowning: Does anyone know a fix for this? or if it’s even possible to fix? Help really appreciated, Thanks!

There is no solution.
Hori/MadCatz will blame Microsoft, Microsoft will blame Hori/MadCatz.

The workaround is to open up your stick and rewire your main 6-buttons to use the RB/LB instead of the triggers.

Adding to what FreedomGundam said.

Microsoft will simply state that any issues with a controller is the manufacturers device and not them.
The controllers state its ether Microsoft’s fault or you should only use the controller for the system it was intended for (and imply its your own fault).

It’s the same mess as it was many years ago when owners of the original Xbox had incompatibility issues with Linksys/Cisco Routers.
Cisco will blame Microsoft and Microsoft will blame Cisco.

No company is going to step up and take the responsibility as that would open them up to liability.
As in this case taking responsibility is an admission of guilt.

The Microsoft Xbox One controller drivers are only intended for Microsoft’s own first party controllers.
Doesn’t help that many non-Xbox One controllers don’t support Xinput, a Microsoft controller protocol.

Thanks for the reply’s, so there are no third party software or anything i can use? my only option is to rewire some buttons?

Or rip out the PCB inside and wire in a new one.
As of right now there no official 1st or 3rd party software or any unofficial software that would work.

When it comes to Xbox One arcade sticks the consumer is screwed.

This is the huge reason why if you’re focusing primarily on PC gaming, you would be better off with an Xbox 360 controller. That’s why, if you want a complete NO hassle PC solution, I personally would prefer you buying a Qanba Q4raf for PC, if you don’t want to mod anything, and a Brook UFB if you do want to mod. The Qanba comes with Xbox 360 mode (including an analog mode switch) which works perfectly for xinput games, and a PS3/PC mode which has a native DirectInput driver (and the analog switch still works), for games which refuse to accept the Z axis trigger buttons, as all of the buttons are mapped as physical buttons.

Then throw a Seimitsu LS-55 spring into the Start button, and a Kowal JLF actuator with an Octagonal gate for cheap, and you have a VERY nice PC joystick for pretty much any arcade game or port that doesn’t require a pure analog controller (e.g. Dark Souls 3).

The trigger issue with Xbox One controllers seems to be confined to windows 10. So if you’re on windows 7, I think they work fine?

Nah mate I’m on windows 7 and it doesn’t work, sad… I bought this stick for pc only as i thought since it was designed for microsoft xbox one it would work fine. Also bought it from ebay and the guy doesn’t accept returns.
How hard can it be to release some drivers? bit of a joke if u ask me.

You can file a claim with Ebay. Tell them that the part is not working and not as advertised. It’s probably your best shot. If you paid by paypal (I’m not sure if ebay and paypal are still part of each other), you can also try that.

If you get your money back or if you need a controller this minute, buy this:

Try to find a US seller though.

Then stick one of these on it:

And make very sure that you combine that with this:

I found that an Octagonal gate without the Kowal actuator, while being decent (better than the square gate) for platform/shooting games, etc, just felt too off because of the throws, but with the Kowal combined with it, felt really good. Won’t ever need to go back to square again.

Did the original listing on ebay mention that it worked on PC? If not, then it’s your fault for not making any research first.

Every x360 designed stick should work out of the box with Windows since they are Xinput devices.
There is also an updated version of the RAP Pro V xb1 equipped with Xinput.

Talk about a strawman fallacy. holy cow. SRK logic on a Thursday.

  1. he’s talking about an XBOX ONE CONTROLLER. Where in God’s name did he mention Xbox 360?
  2. Xbox 360 controllers are immune from this issue./

XBOX ONE controllers are DESIGNED to work with PC’s and they NATIVELY support Xinput, as Xbox 360 controllers do.
There is a BUG in the Microsoft HID/hardware driver that causes triggers to not register correctly on Xbox one controllers.
It’s probably the same “bug” that causes the trigger buttons to not work under DirectInput, as it doesn’t handle a split Z axis very well.

X360 controllers correctly report Z+ and Z- for RT and LT in devices and printers and register perfectly in xinput games (directinput games usually require some trickery, or you can use Joytokey or XBCD).

Only the newest version of the Hori Hrap Pro V has a Xinput mode and only those which are advertised as PC compatible, and you have to set the stick to PC mode on the Mode switch.

Xbox 360 controllers aren’t Xinput compatible unless Microsoft updated their drivers (which I highly doubt as they want to push the Xbox One game pads now).

I did found out Mad Catz released driver and software updates for their recent PS4 controllers to work with Xinput, and none of the issues the Xbox One sticks have.

Xbox 360 controllers are 100% fully Xinput compatible as both my Xbox 360 controller and Qanba Q4raf in X360 mode work perfectly in Street fighter 5 and KI natively.

you confuse with the first X1 sticks…last Hori Hrap X1 is now X-input too.

No I did not confuse anything. Xbox 360 Hori sticks does not equal Xbox One sticks. I am referring to Xbox 360 sticks prior to Dual Xbox One/Xbox 360 compatibility.
There is a very clear distinction. Two very different systems.

Unless Microsoft updated the Xbox 360 drivers which I was not aware of, Xbox 360 controllers would not support Xinput. (Apparently they are now)
New sticks that Xbox One/Xbox 360 sticks should preferably PC mode for maximum compatibility (and get your Trigger buttons back)

x360 controllers ARE Xinput.

Then it must of been a recent update to the drivers as they were not originally.
Perhaps with the coming of Direct X 11 or 12

I really think you are confusing things since Xinput is currently the API designed for X360 controller support:

BTW it’s not the main subject here.
I read all your guide, wich is really great and helped me a lot. If you could add Xinput compatibles stick into, it will be perfect !

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 drivers were last updated in 2012. Four years ago.

That’s the thing about Darksakul.
He’s very smart and has been very helpful with guides and technical stuff about joystick modding, but he’s extremely arrogant and bossy. He has no idea how successful he would be if he had a heart to go with that brain. Pretty sad. You just have to take his knowledge and ignore the rest of it.