XBOX ONE HORI RAPV Triggers not working on pc

There is no way to change buttons in game on sfv, as i said earlier i swapped out LB(heavy punch) with RT(which should be heavy kick) but then LB wouldn’t work i’m stuck here can someone help a nub :frowning:

This is correct unfortunately.
rewiring controllers won’t help in street fighter 5 at all, because SF5 doesn’t let you remap buttons.
Super/ultra Street fighter 4 on PC supports both xinput and directinpiut controllers at the same time and you can remap the buttons to your heart’s content.

The problem with Xinput controllers in street fighter 5 is this:
There are dinput to xinput wrappers and drivers which will allow you to remap buttons. For example, Xoutput allows you to map the buttons, so if your controller is dinput, you can configure the buttons in xoutput and then SF5 will accept the button arrangement you set up.

But Xoutput does NOT work with Xinput controllers.

There is an xinput to dinput wrapper in existence, but I HIGHLY doubt you can use an xinput to dinput wrapper and combine it with a dinput to xinput wrapper. I mean who knows…it can work…

Can you try this program and see if it works?

but the website is in all Japanese.

I don’t know what that program does, but the author of joytokey said that it converts xinput into directinput.
Then try to combine that with xoutput or X360CE and see if that works in reverse so you can remap those problematic buttons.

or X360CE.

BTW does street fighter 5 accept ANY keyboard input? I know it accepts arrows and “B” does something. if anything works as RT and LT, you can use joytokey!

The real problem is the broken M$ drivers for One periphericals.
Supporting only xb1 controllers is not a good idea, especially when they try to push theyre W10 Store with a combat game …

@OP: you can try to open your stick, an wire a XB1 pad PCB, it should work xD

Or an easier route would be to buy the case I’m selling…shameless plug =)

All you would have to do is put in your current joystick and buttons and you’d be ready to go.

No thanks worst case scenario ill but a new PCB for £30 lol

I’ve spoke online with microsoft support and submitted a request, guy told me hes submitted it to his superiors and should have a fix for it soon… not holding my breath though but here is the post if anyone else is pissed off about the compatibility issues u should give it a vote

That’s almost $50 for just the PCB lol. Sorry, I thought you were in the US.

Went through this issue with my Madcatz myself so I just agree with the rest that you should for the time being switch the cables for LB and RT to get yourself playing some PC Fighting games.

I feel like we’re on the verge of getting some drivers though considering KI PC mentions Xbox One Arcade Stick driver support coming in the future so maybe these ghetto days are coming to an end.

I tried that mate doesn’t work

ok so i tried using joytokey and finally got heavy kick binded to LB but now it conflicts with the original bind(heavy punch) lol since u can’t change key config in sfv does anyone know how i can unbind the heavy punch?

This won’t work remember? Street fighter 5 won’t allow you to remap buttons. So no matter what you try, the trigger button will always be that kick button.
@wulbo , did you try what I suggested yet?

See if the joystick is recognized with this. but I have no idea if this is a driver or not.
If it IS a driver, try combining this with “XOUTPUT 0.11” if xoutput recognizes it and lets you configure buttons, you might be able to trick street fighter 5 that way.
It might also be possible to combine XBCD with Xoutput. I’ll actually try that now since I’m bored. Does XBCD even work with Xbox one controllers though?

Two questions:

  1. does the newest Joytokey work with the Xbox One stick? Did you test it?
  2. Does Street fighter 5 allow any keyboard input for attacks whatsoever?

K that program is a wrapper like X360CE, not a driver.
So that won’t exactly work.
but i’ll ask again:
Does XBCD work with the Xbox one controller if you install XBCD 0.2.7 with the controller plugged in?

Um, I think you’re missing something simple.
Did you re-wire the buttons?
Does joytokey itself detect heavy kick? <----important

if you did, just put the original quickconnects back and then just map the buttons that don’t work in SF5, into joy2key.
In joy2key, you may need to set the option of

STICK x 2 + POV x1.

Yes mate joytokey works fine with the xbox one fightstick, and street fighter 5 allows keyboard inputs that’s how i rebinded the heavy kick to LB, I don’t know about XBCD only remap thing i tried was joytokey

Yes but I mean, does Joytokey detect when LT and RT are pressed when you click that option of Stick x2, POV x1 ?

EDIT MEANT SHOW ALL AXIS + 8way, sorry!!!

Don’t know what u mean mate sry im a total noob with this shit

BTW i made a slight mistake last post. Sorry. or maybe there was a bug in joytokey and it changed my option, anyway:

Ok, go into Joy2key. make sure you’re using the NEWEST version.

Just to make sure!

Create a profile of any name.

Click on options.
go to show/hide buttons.
Go to stick/POV.

Select “show all axis (8 way + POV x4)”

This will unhide all of the slider and Axis 5/6.
Axis 5 should be the triggers.

When you press the joystick buttons,
the input you press will show yellow in j2k.

When you press the triggers left/right, do you get a response on axis 5<0 or >0, axis 6 or any of the sliders?

No all other buttons work on it but not the triggers

Wow that’s a nasty bug.

On the Xbox 360 controller (goes for my Qanba Q4raf in X360 mode also), LT and RT show up as Axis 5 <0 and Axis 5 >0.