Xbox One HRAP V working on Windows 10?

Does anyone know if this works with W10?

It seems it is recognized as a device but no matter what inputs i press, it’s clearly not recognized.

Trying to get it working with MAME, but i guess once it works with Windows, it will work in MAME

Open up the control panel and look for devices and printers or open up a run box with Win +R and type joy.cpl
Take a look to see if the buttons are registering on Windows.

Also Mame does not like using the POV Hat, so set your joystick to LS for Mame use.

the device is recognized in windows, but not as a controller, but as ‘unspecified’ device

none of the buttons are registering and there is no controller registered looking at joy.cpl

it doesnt look like it works on windows 10…which sucks

Oh Its a Xbox One controller, make sure you install the Xbox one controller drivers

‘apparantly’ the drivers are built into the windows updates which i have the latest version of

god damn microsoft BS

You still have to “install” the stick even if Windows 10 is preloaded with the drivers

no, you don’t, if an OS already had the drivers available, when the device is connected it should be as simple as ‘plug and play’

how do i install a stick that is already recognized by my OS as a device, because of the built in drivers, but not as a stick/controller?

Did you try right clicking the device in Device Manager and selecting Update Driver Software? Then use the “search automatically” option.

You mean ‘plug and pray’, right?

Yes you have to still install the device, using a controller on the PC is not like how it work on a game console.
First time you plug in a particular device to your PC, the PC is going to have to install the device even if the drivers are already there. The stick is not recognized by your OS as anything until you tell it so.
(This is regardless if you have Windows, Linux or Mac OS, and regardless of OS version).

The drivers are there, the setting for the PC to know that your Xbox Controller is a Xbox controller isn’t
You can choose the automatic detection and selection options in windows or You choose to manually select from a list of devices (all preloaded drivers) to choose from.
I prefer to manually select my driver and tell Windows yes every time a dialog box comes up saying some crap.

Also expect your LT and RT buttons not to work at all in Windows. You can thank Microsoft for that debacle.
This time around Microshit is not top dog when it comes to gaming.

Also this is the official response from Microsoft from their own website