Xbox One PadHack Thread - Calling the goons "Toodles, Gummowned, Phreak and You" Do it for the Kids

Making the thread so we can combine our efforts and do this as soon as we can. I am going to try to get my hands on a controller asap.

P.S. This may be a little early but… the people need this. Also missed Team tech talk, sup. If you are a big dog around here, please reply below, I only know OG’s


Hello and Welcome back to Tech Talk. I am the stubborn hard-headed know-it-all that some how head-butted his way into getting minor cred.
Yes a Xbone pad hacking thread would be great, here hoping they are common ground.

Until the Xbone is here we can always refresh on the basics.
Like taking your time with a multimeter and probing to see where the grounds are if the board a common ground board.

GL guys.

Common ground would be good. If you’re already dual modded with a Cthulhu/360 board, what would be the advised method of tri-modding for three USB?

I know there are DP3T switches, but say you wanted switchless with one USB cable? I don’t think combining imps would work, right? At least not version 2.

Yeah we’ll work on it, I’m not holding my breath on any sort of common ground for the pads though. I’ll probably snag an extra pad just in case I accidentally destroy the thing.

Maybe not for the official controllers, but 3rd party pads are more likely to be common ground.

Ahh, but the question is how long until we see them. On release will companies like afterglow have them, or will it be a significant amount of time? We could be stuck with the 1st party pads for a while. I haven’t seen any other accessories shown (that aren’t driving wheels and such).

IMO 3rd party pads are inevitable and imminent. In the last 20 years has there ever been a massive console release when they weren’t?

Might need a imp v3 made that can switch 3 or 4 sets of usb lines. Hold different buttons for dif systems like v1 did.

I think Afterglow is a PDP product line, sadly the Afterglow pads I butchered are not common ground.

There won’t be any common ground pads for awhile.

You have to remember though, Xbone isn’t even worldwide release so a lot of the usual companies may not even care for a little while. I’m hoping you are right and we see 3rd party shortly after release because hacking 1st party tends to suck, but I’m just not counting on it.

Yeah that’s true.

If you look at the new stick set up, and harnessing, should be an easy mod . Markman can you share the pin out specs on the harness?

From MadCatz or from the industry as a whole?

@Phreak - I hope I’m right as well! There’s a community run arcade in London that is just itching for some pad-hacks to throw in their Blast City’s.

Recieved an update the other day from Best Buy that my preorder for the 4 controllers had been moved to the left and is now Nov 15th.

1 extra for my kiddo, and 3 for me to padhack :slight_smile:

Wont be able to test it (except with multimeter) until later than that but I am not too worried about it.

Can’t you use this opto-isolator trick to dual mod a non-common ground Xbox One pad? Connecting Seimitsu LS32-01 or Sanwa JLF to non common ground xbox360 pads

Got a controller today, gonna try to look at it soon!

Gamestop is selling em now btw

Yo if someone can get this to work put me in for 2.

Profound sadness.

Any explanation why that’s the case Mark? Technical limitations? Or you guys just don’t see a market for 3rd party pads at the moment?

Debating buying a controller this weekend to try and mod a joystick I have, but the problem is there is no way to even test out if we’re doing it right or not since PC can’t recognize them yet…