Xbox One PadHack Thread - Calling the goons "Toodles, Gummowned, Phreak and You" Do it for the Kids

I believe you can use Toodles’ Imp v2 to solve that problem.

I believe that was only the Auto detection that you lose if you don’t use a Cthulhu

Taken from the IMPv2 welcome sheet:

“The RJ-45 jack should ONLY be used in MC Cthulhu setups”

As said, there may be some soldering trickery to get around this but on the surface it doesn’t look like you can get retro console support running from a PS360+ to the IMPv2 RJ45 jack.

This isn’t that complicated.

Wire up all the cat5 wires from the passthrough jack to the PS360+ except for the D-/D+ wires (the ones that would of gone to D,E on a Cthulhu or the 5th and 6th wire). Those two wires go to the Imp v2 usb D-/D+. Then wire up the Imp v2 like you normally would for the Basic Setup.

^ if you’re moving the D lines to the XD spots, where do you put the other usb D lines from the other controller?
it was my understanding you wire all passthrough to V-G on imp and wire the xbone controller to XD lines

Sigh…picture time.
Before starting make sure you have the jumpers A and C on the back of the Imp v2 bridged. Then you can start off with the pass through cable going from the neutrik rj45 jack to the PS360+. Notice all the wires except 5 and 6 from the pass through cable go to the ps360+. Pass through wires 5 and 6 go to the USB on the Imp v2. D and E on the Imp v2 go to pin 5 and 6. DX- and DX+ on the Imp v2 go to the d- and d+ on the xbox one pcb. F on the Imp v2 goes to home. Vcc and G on the Imp v2 go to Vcc and Gnd on the ps360+.

Then the rest of the job is wiring Vcc, Gnd, Home, and the rest of the button signals from the Xbox one pcb wired to the PS360+.

Thank you for having more patience than me

Sorry if this i a stupid question but when you say bridge the jumpers A & C do you mean “SJA” and “SJC”? I was just about to wire up a PS360+ with xbox one pcb but using a dpdt switch for simplicity. Now that I see you can do this with the imp board im going to give it a go.

I believe so as this will still be in ‘basic setup’ mode.

Yes, jumpers A and C are labeled SJA and SJC on the back of the Imp v2.

Hi all

So this is my first attempt on padhacking, i decided to go with only one USB cable and a 4PDT (Four Pole Double Throw) Slide Switch. The wires from the XBOne pad go to the Terminal and the PS360+ PCB aswell. Since i want to keep it simple, i got myself a USB-B Cable and a USB Micro Cable for the Power Source.

Then i did a test on the Xbox one and the stick worked flawlessly, on the 360 however…
Every Input i make i get “heavy kick” and the Input (that’s my main Problem), so for basic Troubleshooting i unassign it from my Controls and guess what…it still comes out with every input. So i doublechecked my wiring from the ps360+ to the terminal and the trace from “3K”, it was all good. After disconnecting the Micro USB Cable from the XBOne pad i get this Problem randomly. So does anyone might know what causes this?

Sorry for my English, it’s not my native Language :slight_smile:

you might need a diode on the xbox side going to the ps360. the band should face the ps360.

Just installed the PS360+ and xbone pcb using Toodles imp board using Gummo’s diagram and works a treat. No more DPDT switches from now on.

from D+ i suppose?

no, for RT

I’m not trying to ambush the thread, but if any modders need pads we were going to do a group buy, min 25 pads, max, however many you want. Contact me for pricing. The pads we are purchasing were tested out by Phreak.

I replied to your PM.

Hey guys, so I started on this project a couple of days ago. Right now I’m connecting the xbone pcb to a paewang already previously installed on a stick but using separate usbs for each since I’m not using a switch and am not that much of an expert. Anyway I tested the xbone pcb before connecting to the paewang and the home light turned on fine (obviously meaning it turned on), after soldering every point however and connecting the the paewang it won’t turn on at all. I desoldered it from the paewang and tested it again but still have the same problem. I’ll be posting pics up in a moment but just wanted to post first to see if anyone knew offhand what that could be

btw yes I know I’m using crap radioshack wire but I’m impatient, any help is much appreciated

before you post the pics:

  1. did you connect power and ground between the 2 sticks
  2. do you have a multimeter available to test connections
  3. does the paewang work on it’s own?