Xbox One TE2 -> PS4 Conversion!

What up, fellas.

Was gifted an Xbox One TE2 from a friend, and I want to fully convert it to a PS4 stick.

I don’t need it to work on any other console, only PS4.

Also, I would like to get into the LED modding and all that jazz.

After doing a bit of research here, I found three options:

  1. Crossbone + PS4 PCB (which is literally sold out everywhere, and requires soldering, which I am a novice at)
  2. Brooks Universal Board (Most expensive option, and also gives me 4 other platforms that I would never utilize)
  3. Brooks Xbox One to PS4 Converter (Bought one yesterday as a temporary solution, but I would like to fully convert the internals)

Any other options here? Thanks in advance, yall.

I’d recommend the Brooks Universal 4 in 1 option. Even though it says “solderless installation”, solder makes all the connection holds better. Just swap out the stick Xbox One PCB. However, I suggest you refer to the “Need a modder thread” if you can’t solder.

There is a smaller Brooks board just for the PS4 and only the PS4, its solder only unless you also order the breakout board from Paradise Arcade shop.
You could also use the board from the Hori Fighting commander 4 controller, you will need to know how to solder.

The real questions are whats your skill set and budge?

If you want a reasonably easy and least amount of soldering as possible, ether one of the Brook boards the PS4 only board w/breakout or the Universal fight board are you best shot.

Is this the smaller Brooks board you referenced?

My skill set is very limited when it comes to soldering. Definitely wouldn’t be comfortable ordering parts and DIYing it. Scanned the forums for a Houston-based modder, but had no luck.

Yes. That is it. But I also referenced a breakout board that goes with it

There is this

This is the Brook PS4 board installed on top of a breakout board for easy install.

So if I decided to just bite the bullet and get the universal fighting board, would I need any other boards since its a TE2?